Just when everyone is watching,Qin Feng suddenly found that the corners of his clothes were pulled。

Qin Feng turned his head and looked over,Cen Wen directly gave Qin Feng a look。
The latter is not stupid,The two of them were at the same table doing bad things together in elementary school,So I really understand the meaning of Cen Wen。
Although Qin Feng also feels that this time is the best time to leave。But unlike Cen Wen,Qin Feng really can’t leave。Because the two girls are still waiting in the room!If they drive away at this time,After discovering that Cen Wen was missing,The scavengers will go crazy and chop?
So Qin Feng waved his hand,meaning is:Go by yourself,I am here to help you out。
In fact, of course Cen Wen can go by himself,But if there is no one around him to protect him, then he will be persuaded!
As for Qin Feng with a bandage on him, he cannot fight?
Cen Wen knew it was just Qin Feng pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger,Even now,He still has some fighting capacity when he is pressed。At least it shouldn’t be a problem to protect Cen Wen from leaving。
It’s just that he didn’t expect Qin Feng to be unwilling to leave。But his loyal supporters Chen Feng and Brooke were unable to communicate because they were in the courtyard.。
Cen Wen is also embarrassed now!Because he also became dilemma。
And at this moment,Cen Wen’s eyes suddenly lit up,Watching Qin Feng’s lips start to move。Means to let Qin Feng read his lips。
“Let Yinsang sneak attack on one of the heavenly powerhouses!”
Is such a meaning!After all, Yinsang is standing in front of them,Further ahead is the back of the two Heavenly Sweepers。But would Yinsang do such a nasty thing??Generally, only Qin Feng can make this kind of wretched stream.。But Qin Feng knew that even if he attacked, he might not be able to kill the heavenly player。So this is only possible if a player of the same level takes action。
Qin Feng glanced at Qiao Wei,But the goods are a little far away,Besides, even if Qin Feng makes him move,He may not make a move。So I thought about it,Indeed, only Yinsang is the most suitable。