If there is one side,That is likely to be a landslide.!

“Luoyang……Shouldn’t hit it?。”
Wei Xia wangee and said。
Yu Wenyi is still very urgent,Even afraid of Gao Xiaoyu’s policy,The terrain of Luoyang,For Zhou Rang, very disadvantageous!Just him is not an emperor,It’s nothing to say.。
He walked down the city,Ready to go to the city opposite the cliff,I didn’t expect Xin Decheng that just left.,Running a hurry,The air is not allowed。
“General,Yucheng firm!”
Wei Xia widen around,No one pays attention to this。He spare to the Xin Duan:“It’s not a place where you speak here.,Sign。”
Both people come to the signed room,Xin Daoxian touched a letter from his arms to Wei Xiaoxuan:“Just sent it。”
“left already。”
Wei Xiaoxuan did not ask why not retain each other,Because of this line,Very difficult,If it is lost,They will not be able to get the first hand of Yucheng。
They are not without a spy in Yucheng,But those people can listen to what news?
Wei Xia width demolition,Pupil sudden shrinkage!
“General,How to say?”
Xin Daxian’s expression of Wei Xiaoxuan,I know that the big event is not good.。
“I guess……Stop。Let’s take a look.。”
Wei Xia width will give a letter to Xin Dynasty,The letter said that Gao Bo Yi has appointed the light of the light of the province.,Overview of all the army of the North Line!
I used to be a fierce.,It’s a light of deeil.,Don’t say that it is cheap.,If you don’t bite a piece of meat, it’s good.。
“How is this good??”Xin Daoxian does not ask。
Wei Xiaoxuan is just shaking his head,Amarantma is coming?,You only need to be a turtle,Turning in Yuxi City is finished.。Xin said only saw the first floor of things,But did not see the second layer。
“Have you ever thought about it?,This confidential message,How can I let me wait?”
Pass message,It is said to be a prince of the Gaoyu.,Live in Yucheng。Which one is,In fact, the high-class family can pack up has been harmonious.,Left option,Really very good。
Gao Boyi has been anti-these people,I have rarely go to the Bohai Government.,It is often going to sleep.。Things that let the lawn go into Jinyang in the dark,How to make a high person?
Wei Xiaoyuan himself is doing thieves,Mechanic person,See who is like a thief!Not to mention Gao Bao, it’s a monk.!
“He is away from that position,A step。”
NS1161chapter South attack Behun(4)
“This time I went to Fuyang,You go with me.,Have some credit,Come back,Strive for the leader。You have been to Jing Wei,In the future, if it is in the country,I am going to use you for the main。
certainly,That should be a lot of things.。”
Gao Bao is milder to Yang Su。