After recovering six cores,The bud is the first time to the side of Hanjiang。

In the explosion of just now,She is protected very good,In addition to the hair is blown
“Are you OK”
Bud clothes around Hanjiang,Looking at the burns on the arm of Hanjiang。
Extending the crystal clear finger to touch,But afraid that Han Jiang feels pain,Water vapor is starting。
“How did you this person?。”Bud coatings change a bit change,Hanjiang。
Han Jiang does not matter:“I didn’t think so much now.,Also thought that the support of the law besiege,Who knows is self-explosion,you know too”
Bud jacket,Say:“Next time, it is not allowed.。”
“I don’t have a self-insurance ability.,Don’t treat my little girl who doesn’t have a little ability.。”
Han Jiang smiled,I don’t know what to say.,I can’t really put it.?But you can’t say this.。
Come through God,Han Jiang found that the buds have been staring at him.。
Night gradually falls,The surrounding building is broken because of the self-explosion of the law.。
Room collapse,Road closure,Green tree horizontal seven vertical eight,The big and small car has only left iron.。
At the same time, the collapse of the zone and the dead disappeared.,In the broken city, there is only the only two people in Hanjiang and buds.。
Ye Jiagao’s infrastructure is not bad,Two people ten meters away“neck”Thoroughly distorted street lights suddenly。
Han Rong looked at the exquisite face of the buds.,The heart is not angry and jumping up.。
It’s beautiful and gentle sister facing the buds.,How can I not give my own care?。
Being seen by the other party’s affectionate,Han Jiang feels,Even if Liu Xianhui is coming, I can’t hold it.。
What does the bud don’t seem to know?,Suddenly licking lips,Long eyelash is together,Hanjiang near Hanjiang。
At this time, Hanjiang’s brain is fried.,I thought of the scenes that appeared in a lot of story plots.。
A war,Heroes hold beautiful people,Spotlight playing in two people,Don’t hesitate to kiss the lips of the female master。
Street lights here“head”Elsewhere,Two people on the back of the light,The faint darkness makes Hanjiang’s guts a little bit.。
Want to do it??
Han Jiang is not considered01Second,At this time, I don’t dare to be the fool.。
It’s all stupid.,But silly!Dry!
“Han Jiang,Han Jiang,We learned about the situation of buds.,Now that Ye Jiagang’s situation will please two hard work.。”
“what,what,Ah, I know.。”
Han Jiang feels,This is what he is in the sky.,I am going to do what I have to do next.。
A good atmosphere is often Tiancheng,But Ni Tianyi must be destroyed with it.。
When two people can feel the distance between the other party’s breathing,Communicator ring。
Birj cloth open eyes,Hiding face with face。
Han Jiang took a few breaths,Put a mood to stand up。
He is, I want to make up the content that has not been continued.,Can bud jam talking about:“That one,The troops of the machine armored team have been assembled.,There is also your injury,Hurry and watch it on the battle。”