Exercise to be four defenses

Exercise to be “four defenses”

In the autumn season, if you adhere to appropriate physical exercise, you can not only nourish the lungs, improve the function of the lung organs, but also help to enhance the immune function of various tissues and organs and the body’s ability to resist external cold stimulation.
However, due to the large temperature difference between the morning and evening in the fall and the dry climate, in order to receive good fitness results, you must pay attention to the four defenses: prevent cold catches.
In the early morning of autumn, the temperature is low. You should not wear a single coat to go outdoors. You should increase or decrease clothes according to the temperature changes in the outdoor.
It is not advisable to take off too much during exercise. After the body is hot, you should take off too much clothes. After exercise, avoid wearing sweaty clothes and stay in the cold wind to prevent the body from catching cold.
  Prevent sports injuries.
Because human muscle ligaments reflexively cause vasoconstriction in a temperature-decreasing environment, muscle stretch is significantly reduced, joint physiological activity is reduced, and the nervous system’s ability to regulate motor organs is reduced, thus easily causing muscles, tendons, and ligaments.And joint movement damage.
Therefore, you must pay attention to doing adequate preparation activities before each exercise.
  Prevent excessive exercise.
Autumn is a good season for exercise, but at this time, because the human yin yang is in a convergent internal stage, the movement should also follow this principle, that is, the amount of exercise should not be too large, in order to prevent excessive sweating and yang loss.Exercise should choose a project that is easy to smooth and has a small amount of activity.
  Anti-autumn dry.
The autumn climate is dry. For athletes, after each exercise, you should eat more foods such as yin, lungs, and fluids, such as pears, sesame seeds, honey, white fungus, etc. If you sweat more, you can add some salt water.When supplementing, use small, multiple, and slow drinks as guidelines.