Acupuncture can also cure bacterial infections

Acupuncture can also cure bacterial infections

I often encounter patients in the clinic and ask: We have been using other methods to treat a disease for a long time, and the effect is not good. Can it be treated with acupuncture?

In fact, if acupuncture treatment is applied in time for the disease he asked, it will not only shorten the treatment time, but will not bring any toxic or side effects to the body.

We have reasons to say that the role of acupuncture in the treatment and treatment of diseases is far from being recognized and applied by people.

  A patient has been infected with peri-umbilical infection for two weeks. The swelling area, such as the size of a bowl mouth, is so swollen that she can’t even see the abdominal umbilicus. The pain is even worse, the temperature is significantly higher than other parts, and the whole body is feverish.

Living in a hospital and given the best antibiotic treatment at that time for nearly a week, there were still no relief from the complications, and the body could not stand upright, but could only bow to relieve the tension and pain in the abdominal muscles.

A friend asked me if acupuncture could cure it?

I said yes.

After analyzing and judging the patient’s condition, I took two acupuncture points from his lower extremity. After the needle was inserted, the patient’s electrical anesthesia was extremely strong and radiated to the thigh roots and toes.

At the same time, I gently rubbed the swollen and painful part of the affected area with my hand for about half an hour. The patient’s pain was greatly reduced. After taking the needle, I had dared to straighten up, depending on the umbilical swollen and painful part, the swelling area was significantly reduced, and my sleep improved that night.

After four treatments, only one hard nucleus remained in the umbilical cord, and the other parts were normal.

After surgical dissection in the hospital, the black granular foreign matter the size of soybean was removed, and healed.

  The patient Liu was a member of the Judo team. His thigh was bloated, about 6 × 6 cm in size, and he was swollen and hot. The player often had bloated body. According to previous experience, it took at least ten days to cure.

However, it was at the time of the biennial Asian Games. Failure to heal in time would affect the performance of the game.

So I decided to give him acupuncture treatment. He was also very easy at that time, thinking that acupuncture could not cure bacterial diseases, but in order not to affect the game, he reluctantly agreed.

Results After the first acupuncture treatment, the swelling and pain were significantly reduced, and he recovered after a few days.

  Seeing the above medical records, some people may be puzzled: can acupuncture kill bacteria?


  Yes, of course, acupuncture cannot kill bacteria directly.

The therapeutic effect of acupuncture on bacterial diseases is not the effect on the bacteria itself, but by improving the internal environment of the human body, destroying the living conditions of bacteria, and destroying the living conditions of bacteria, their survival and reproduction will be inhibited.The resulting disease will naturally be cured.

  Looking at the above case again, why is it that the antibiotic has been lost and the treatment effect is not achieved?

Clinically, we often encounter this phenomenon. Everyone is accustomed to attribute this result to bacterial substitution and other reasons. This can certainly be the reason, but we know that the bacterial infection site has obvious swelling and poor blood circulation.However, any antibiotic we use clinically must reach the lesion through blood circulation, and this state makes it difficult for antibiotics to reach the lesion.

Therefore, many infectious diseases are not treated well with antibiotic infusion, and poor microcirculation in the affected area is one of the important factors.

  In addition, when healthy, the qi and blood are unblocked, and certain various or non-absolute antibacterial factors of the human body can inhibit or directly and indirectly kill bacteria.

When the diseased part of the blood circulation is blocked, these factors naturally decay or even disappear.

If we carefully analyze such diseases, we will find that almost any bacterial over-proliferation part is basically the first problem that occurs in the human body itself, resulting in poor blood circulation in the affected part.

It can be said that the obstacle of microcirculation in the human body is a necessary choice for the survival and reproduction of bacteria.

Acupuncture can effectively improve this state, destroy the environment that bacteria rely on to survive, and enable various factors in the human body that can inhibit or kill bacteria to reach the affected area.

In this way, the disease will naturally be cured.