[Efficacy and role of dense Mongolian tea]

[Efficacy and role of dense Mongolian tea]_Benefits_Premise

Mengmenghua is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Mengmenghua has many other names, such as Mongolian flower, jiulixiang, chicken bone flower and dyed rice flower, etc., which belong to the bush.

Mimenghua flowers can be harvested after a series of processing techniques. Mimenghanhua tea has many effects and functions. For example, Mimenghanhua tea has the functions of nourishing the liver, clearing the liver, protecting the liver and cooling blood.Mongolian tea also has diuretic, antibacterial and antioxidant effects.

1. Yangganmingmu Mimuhua soaked in water is good for the health of the eyes. In daily life, if there are problems with eyes, redness, swelling, pain, or tears, it is recommended to use MimenghuaFried with wolfberry and chrysanthemum, the effect is very good.

2. The cold serum hot and dense flower also includes the functions of clearing heat, cooling blood and dredging wind, which is especially suitable for patients with arthritis caused by liver yin deficiency and wind heat.

If there is a problem with dullness in both eyes and swelling and pain in both eyes, you can use Moringa flowers with chrysanthemums and mulberry leaves, which can help the body health.

3, Qinggan Tuituo Mi Menghua has a good health and therapeutic effect on the liver, and the health of the liver is directly related to the daily condition of the eyes.

If the liver is unhealthy, the eyes will also have abnormalities. If you want to completely cure some eye swelling and tears and other problems, you need to promote liver health so that you can completely cure the disease.

If there are some eye discomforts caused by liver problems, you can take Meng Meng Hua with Cicada and Cereal Grass, the effect is very amazing.

4. Most of the main effects of drinking liver-protecting dense Mongolian soaked water is protecting the liver. The extract of this Chinese herbal medicine can effectively inhibit toxic damage in liver cells.

Dense Mongolian flower contains certain phenylpropanoids and syphilin, both of which can control certain antioxidant activity after entering the body, which is very good for the health care of the liver.

Note: Patients with eye diseases of Yang Deficiency and Cold should be taken with caution.