For a time,Bi Xiushan is full of entanglement,Look like a poop。

Qian Datong also saw the compass,Did not take a closer look,But see the wood,I know the material is good。What a pity!Be one step ahead。
“It’s you?”He also noticed,It’s the one who got in just now。
this time,They pick peaches again?
Hu Yang playing haha:“Uncle,I didn’t expect us to be destined,meet again。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty One Life is like a play,All by acting
I heard the words of Populus,Qian Datong’s mouth twitched,Want to say,Who is destined to you?
Been troubled by this guy twice,He feels that his horoscope is in conflict with this guy,Can’t meet。Qian Datong’s eyes are still staring at the exposed compass。
Thought for a while,Qian Datong still couldn’t help but say:“Ha ha!It’s pretty destined?That compass,Can i see it?”
Get!The audience in the live broadcast room could see the intention of the middle-aged man,Is for the compass。After all, once in the door,They just stared at the compass。just,How do they know,Here is a compass?
Is it,Another guy,Is here,Familiar with this family,So know this?
This is funny,Hu was intercepted by Hu twice,Everyone can imagine,Qian Datong must be very depressed now?
And when the uncle came in,Hu Yang noticed,The bronze mirror in Qian Datong’s hand。
Bronze mirror,Hu Yang told everyone before,The bronze mirror was originally a daily necessities used by the ancients to face and decorate,Nowadays, the bronze mirror condenses culture with its unique artistic charm,Forensic history,create wealth,Cultivating sentiment,Become an ancient art that people invest in and collect。
“What’s so good about compass?Uncle,I think your bronze mirror is good,Give me a look!”Hu Yang said。
The audience in the live broadcast almost didn’t even spit out a mouthful of water!