“Sister Xi,Do you live here too?”Wei Xiaoxing sees female mage Xi is leaving,Asked quickly。

“I don’t live here,My home is not far from here。”Xi said angrily and funny,I thought this little Hebu is really not majestic,Even the spirit pet is better than him。
“Rest first,I’ll come back later。You are unfamiliar,Better not to run around。”Xi thought for a while,And patiently told。
now,She is more worried about Nan Fengtian’s family,I always feel that there is something in Hu Qi’s words,A little worried,She needs someone to inquire。
By contrast,Arrange a few of them,Naturally it’s not that important。
In a blink of an eye,In this small house,There are only four of Lu Menglin left。
Although trapped in a foreign city,But Wei Xiaoxing is still the most optimistic one,He consciously took a stroll in the yard,Then I went to every room to check。
“Hey!Do you think,Miss Xi,It seems interesting to me?”Wei Xiaoxing hippie smiled。
The three heard this,All looking at each other,Thinking in my heart,Where does your confidence come from, Wei Xiaoxing??
“He Bu,dont you agree?When she was leaving just now,Smiled at me specially!”Wei Xiaoxing smirked。
“what?”He Bu opened his mouth,Surprised,He obviously felt that his friend’s guess was basically baseless,But I don’t know how to dispel the other party’s delusions。
“Yes!You are the one,The flower is blooming!Women like most!”Liu Niuer laughed coldly on the sidelines。
Chapter VIII The storm is up again