Then I squeezed the potion from a small bottle with a needle,Ready to pour it into Qin Hao’s water bottle。

suddenly,Qin Hao’s body strongly warned。
then,Qin Hao felt the strong killing intent on the two of them and the breath of military career。
There is still a touch of inability to dissolve**taste。
These are two special forces,How strong is Qin Hao’s perception,He can never feel wrong。
One of them is preparing to inject medicine into Qin Hao’s water bottle。
At this moment,Qin Hao opened his eyes,Directly cover his head with a quilt。
“Go to hell you,”Qin Hao broke his neck with all his strength。
Then another person took out the dagger directly from his waist at this time。
But then,He felt a chill on his neck。
Suddenly,Blood spatter,The whole bed was soaked with blood。
He wants to talk,But he didn’t say it in a daze,Then he fell down in a daze。
Dilated pupils,Never closed eyes。
All this happened between the electric light and flint,Not even the guards outside noticed。
There is no trace of blood on Qin Hao’s hands,The two special forces were so easily resolved。
Qin Hao glanced casually,The two seem familiar。
Immediately he uncovered their masks,as expected,Qin Hao’s pupils shrank。
“this is?”Qin Hao saw the two people on the ground,A look of surprise in my heart。
This is the newly recruited member of Jagged Blade,And Qin Hao also fought side by side。