Why are older people unable to sleep at night?

Why are older people unable to sleep at night?

In real life, in the daytime, old people always seem to be able to sleep at any time, not watching TV, or reading a newspaper in the last minute, and immediately falling asleep in the next minute.

And at night, lying on the bed, but turned over and over to sleep.

  Recently, a neurologist, Nava Isabel, a chemist from the George S Life Science Center at Tel Aviv University in Israel, published an article in the journal Sleep Research, saying that elderly people do not sleep during the day, mainly because they secrete themselves.The reason for the decrease in fading melanin.

  Isabel says that melatonin helps us distinguish between day and night.

When people are old, the secretion of melatonin is reduced, and the body and brain gradually blur the difference between day and night, making sleep irregular.

They can not only sleep while watching TV, but even when they are chatting with others, they can sleep, and then extend the morning sleep time, which leads to insomnia at night.

In this sense, once you find yourself starting to snooze during the day and not sleeping well at night, it may mean getting old.

  Isabel believes that supplementation with melatonin can help improve sleep problems in the elderly.

We can also use other methods to help sleep, some hours of outdoor activities every day; a small cup of coffee during the day.

In addition, increase the sunshine time; make the house brighter, as long as you avoid snoring during the day, it will have a beneficial effect on sleep at night.