In early spring, people tend to wet and eat less tropical fruits.

In early spring, people tend to “wet” and eat less tropical fruits.

Eat less: shrimp, crab, mango, durian and other damp heat, stagnation things. Eat more: lentils, corn, squid, squid, squid and other dampness.
  In the early spring, “Back to the South” was killed, and the ground and wall panels were covered with “teardrops”. The wetness made people feel uncomfortable and the feet were cold.
People with wet conditions can also become “wet people” due to internal injuries, and “wet” symptoms such as body burnout, chest tightness, diarrhea, and poor appetite.
“Wet people” also love to develop eczema and joint pain.
What is even more unpredictable is that moisture may lurk in the body for a long time, and when the conditions are ripe, it will come out and cause chaos, and the ailments will recur.
  Director Lin Yanxi, director of the Center for Treatment of Diseases, said that “Back to Nantian” is damp and hot, which is a kind of “wet evil” in Chinese medicine, which will be invaded by the skin.
In fact, not only returning to Nantian, this kind of hot and humid weather is common in Lingnan area. Therefore, there are always many taboos in Guangzhou people’s diet. It is related to this climate characteristic.
As the Romans do, the “wet people” really have to pick and lick their mouths.
  不做“湿人”  热带水果少吃,祛湿玉米常食  所谓“湿邪之物”指的是该食物吃进肚子之后,人会产生“内湿”,出现多种不适症状,如胀痛口Bitter, poor appetite, heavy limbs, etc.
Many tropical-specific fruits such as jackfruit, durian, and mango are all moisturizing substances.
Back to the south, the humidity is heavy, and everyone should not eat more, especially when it is obvious that the environmental moisture is not suitable.
Lin Yanxi said that seafood such as shrimps and crabs also promotes moisture. If you want to solve it, you should use it instead of squid or squid.
  Guangzhou people love soup, porridge, recommend everyone to add corn, glutinous rice, medlar, lentils in the material, such ingredients have dehumidification effect.
Recommended recipes are: corn ribs soup, winter melon, old duck, glutinous rice lentils, etc., you can add flexibility in the recipe.
  Back to Nantian, everyone is looking forward to the sun. When there is a sun, you may want to hurry and sunbathe yourself. Dry the towel and bedding. Use ultraviolet rays to make your mood, body and environment not mildew. This is also a magic weapon for dampness.
  Mistakes in moisture prevention Eat ginger to catch moisture?
  The weather is humid. Some people think that it is wrong to remove the moisture from the body through spicy food and add ginger, garlic and pepper to the diet.
  Lin Yanxi said that the cold is not equal to dampness.
The above recommended corn, lentils, glutinous rice, medlar and so on can be used in a milder nature. It is suitable for people of any physique. The hot and humid climate in Lingnan is mostly, whether it is back to Nantian, you can add ingredients.
However, the choice of warm-filled food such as ginger and garlic depends on the constitution.
If I am a cold body, I have more diarrhea and chills on weekdays. I can eat more and get the effect of dampness and cold. If I am a hot body with a big fire, then eating “fire” will increase the body’s dampness.
In addition to the choice of the above-mentioned flat food, you can also choose the earthworm soup, this “cold soup” to achieve the purpose of dampness.
  Close the door to resist moisture?
  “Back to Nantian” opens the door to the hot air flow, which will make the floor foggy. Closing the door and closing the window is undoubtedly the most effective prevention method.
Lin Yanxi said that going back to Nantian also has to open the window for ventilation.
  The house is really wet and wet, but it is closed and closed. The indoor air is less negative and the bacteria are more likely to get sick.
Even if the weather should be ventilated for half an hour every day, then close the doors and windows and take other measures to remove the indoor water vapor.
For example, you can open the fan when the person leaves, dry the water with a dry rag, and open the air for a while.
Most of the door and window are closed day to night, air conditioning is turned on all day long, it is easy to induce air conditioning disease, making people feel exhausted and listless.
  The ground is wet and not exercising?
  The climate is wet and the number of patients with joint pain will increase.
In fact, it is perfectly fine for the old people to choose the fitness venue in a place where the air is smooth and dry.
Lin Yanxi said that the spring sun came out early, everyone can take the fitness time a little ahead, but still have to wait until dawn.
  Fading thick winter clothes?
  I believe that everyone has this experience, people walking on the wet ground feel cold, people with bad joints will also have joint pain.
Therefore, in early spring, return to Nantian, don’t be busy replacing thick pants. Those with joint diseases should pay more attention to keep warm.
  The spring temperature has indeed risen, but the sunlight in the dark places in the room does not reach the lower temperature, so since ancient times, there has been a concept of health care in the spring.
Lin Yanxi said that from the perspective of TCM health, the spring climate is warm, and all things are revived, that is, yang is rising. If you wear too little skin, the cold pores shrink, which is not conducive to the rise of body yang.In the streets, the young girls couldn’t wait to show their legs.

The lower body is wearing too little, the yang is going up, and such people are more prone to get angry.