That’s why I retired to the National Teacher??

“Yun Zi,Your situation is not right,Change to some weak people,May not live for a few years。”Zhu Minglang’s brows tightened。
“Those you said,I think about it。”Li Yunzi said with a small smile。
“Why don’t you tell me first,You are hurt?”
Zhu Minglang heard Li Yunzi’s lips almost in his ears。
But Yunzi Lai is not talking to herself something that cannot be heard by outsiders,But she leaned towards herself softly,Even slowly lost support,Slipped down slowly。
I wish Minglang be shocked,Hugged her tightly。
“Yun Zi!”
Zhu Minglang realized that something was wrong,Hugged her in a hurry,Feather shield formed with storm phantom feathers,Cover up the patter of autumn rain,Strode towards the courtyard。
“Soul Creation。”
“Can’t cure。”
“Life is not long。”
Xiantulong standing by the bed,Shaking his head,Sighed。
“what happened??”Zhu Minglang looked at Li Yunzi who had fainted completely,Asked surprised。