Four kiliers were resolved,As the crowd fled as well as most people without a head,There is also a small number of people to put their eyes in the four people of Hanjiang.。

“Be a man,Why can’t you enter I can’t enter?,I have a lot of things in my house in the house.,What should I do if I have been stealing??”The middle-aged man is quite a chest.。
“Do you want to live?!”Han Jiang said coldly。
Middle-aged men’s neck,“Little fart, do you manage so much?,Step aside!”
The crowd outside the chaos slowly resumes command under the command of the combat staff.,He knows that there is no chance to go in again.。
“Step aside!”
A man screamed,A pushed to Hanjiang。
“Little fart, do you manage so much?,Enough support!”
Han Jiang is standing in the original,Tang knife in hand“bass”A stone pier in the sidewalk inserted。
“Give you ten seconds,Rapida went back to obey the local combat staff。”
“Collapse,In addition to anyone who can’t enter the collapsed area,Look down on the deceased,He is completely maddation。”The buds have seen this movement here.。
“Never say,Now there is more than one undead dead,In addition to the erosion of cracking, there is also a threat。”
See the bud,Men seem to be bigger,Don’t put this soft and weak little girl in the eyes.。
“Little girl is a bit more,I am going in today.,No one can’t stop me!”Man stretching with the bud,I think I can’t open Hanjiang.,I still have a little girl.?
Men’s eyes,Half of the body fell on the ground。
Han Jiang is on the knee of a man,Arms of the man in the back。
“Rao for me”
Reissue the small rabbit, I don’t know when I will appear.,Black cave gun tube is aligned with men’s head,There is also a pistol to his eyes.。
“Say!Why is it going in?!”Han Jiang asked the man loudly on the ground。
Men climb to the ground, do not dare to look up,Ghost know how the little girl who holds guns appear,Also, how the huge robot is present?
“Bronia,calm,What did he don’t do?,Don’t do anything with his ability。”Birj clothing standing in Bronia,I am afraid that she will make unexpected move.。
Han Jiang pulls out Tang knife,Use the cutting handle to hit two times on the man.,When a man suddenly made a ghost crying。
Have a long time with the inquate,Han River knows the human structure very well,The hit caused by men is only painless。
Hanjiang’s hit makes men suffer,Curde a prawn,Constantly moved on the ground as a white organism。
Han Jiang does not dare to judge what kind of thing Bonona will make a sister.,And this person still wants to bully the urination。
Even if the other party is not successful,Also let Hanjiang wants to get too much。
“pregnancy,Life and death is in the sky,I hurt me”The man on the ground shouted with a very good voice.。
“speak English!”
“I want to eat fish”
Han Jiang also went up again。
“Want to steal something,There are a lot of luxury people in the area. I am also a ghost.,Forgive me。”
“Everyone looks at,Tell you now,Dare to disturb the public order during collapse,Not only should you face dead and collapse erosion,Also accountable by the local operation department!”