Sexy thong, the paradise of bacteria

Sexy thong, the “paradise” of bacteria

Sexy T-small panties are popular among trendy girls, so T-small panties are popular. Gynecologists remind that this sexy T-shirt is probably a hotbed of bacteria. The original sexy girl may be infected, and if it is serious, it may even causeThe lower body is inflamed!
  Women are careful about the bacteria in the thong, the sexy t-small panties are popular with fashionable girls. The gynecologist said that the sexy t-small panties are only a small piece of cloth, and the wearing parts are sensitive and have many soft tissues, so if smallIf the underwear is too tight, it will easily breed bacteria.
  Recently, experts in the United States have also warned that women wearing T-shirts must pay attention to personal hygiene, otherwise it may cause vaginal inflammation, redness and even urethritis.
  In addition to vaginal and urethritis, Hong Kong doctors also said that the tight T-sexy panties will press the anal port blood vessels, making people who already have hemorrhoids more likely to develop the disease.
  Dr. Fang Yang said that the warnings of these experts and doctors are not unreasonable.
  He said: “Because T-shirts have only a small piece of cloth, it is easy to put pressure on the anus.
Sweating causes moisture and bacteria can spread from the rectum to the bottom.
Keeping clean is the most important thing to be sexy and not to be infected. What are the ways for women? A doctor who did not want to see the name said that if you are worried about lower body infection, it would be better not to wear such underwear. He said: “Wear this small piece.”Cloth, it is better not to wear.
After all, this piece of cloth did not play any role.
However, if you can’t “do not wear”, other doctors have the following advice.
  Dr. Fang said: “The most important thing is to keep it clean.
Although excretion and sweating are unavoidable, they should be rinsed out as much as possible after going to the toilet. It is best to use water to clean.
Dr. Fang also said that drinking more water also has the effect of urinating, which can help the body to drain bacteria and avoid inflammation of the urethra and vaginal.
Wear thongs or G-shaped underwear, pay attention to personal hygiene, otherwise it is easy to be infected or inflamed.