30-year-old woman vs workplace crisis

30-year-old woman vs workplace crisis

“Thirties while standing” is like a door gene for many women in the workplace-on the one hand, it is the youth and vitality that are gradually passing away, and on the other hand, it is the growing pressure on life.

It’s really tricky for women in the workplace to live through this biology.

Therefore, the following methods of decompression are specifically listed, hoping to help women in the workplace crisis.

  Crisis 1: The 30-year-old woman who burns both ends of the candle is both the backbone of the workplace, and the wife and mother. If everything is good, you can only burn one candle at both ends, and eventually burn out herself.

  KAVIN, 30 years old, mother of one child.

Wanting to make a career achievement, get a salary to support the family and social recognition, and be a good wife, a good mother, this double burden makes her tired and tired to cope.

  Reason: The success of the family does not come at the cost of restricting women’s development. The choice between the importance of family and career depends on their own circumstances.

If your husband’s salary is not very high, you will have to put in more effort and enthusiasm to work while gaining understanding from your family in exchange for a fair return.

On the contrary, if you value the family and your husband’s salary is sufficient to support the family, then in work, as long as you do your best to show the good side, you will be satisfied.

  Crisis 2: The promotion of difficult positions, the increase in amplitude and the attractive salary have become the signs of success today.

Especially for female white-collar workers and female executives, as age increases, mortality, physical strength and even appearance disappear, the proportion of male colleagues or “young” women who live and thrive around them will produce a great sense of stress and psychological loss.

  Carol has been seated in the position of executive director for two or three years. Although the work of the administrative department is complicated, it is not complicated.

Carol knows clearly that, in terms of age and education, several other opponents have an advantage over her. What if I can’t promote the manager?

Coupled with the fact that the child was still young, Carol felt that she had missed it.

  Solution: If conditions permit, you can focus on your work, respect your subordinates, reassure your boss, stay ahead of your work performance, and highlight your ability to work, so there is great hope for promotion.

Remember, yes or no, it is not spoken out or caused, the boss will always reuse people with strong working ability.

In addition, after work, as a woman, it is best to add some new knowledge to enhance their own competitiveness.

  Crisis 3: Confusion about career positioning There are some occupations, especially those that are called “youth rice”, which pose many challenges for women’s growth.

With the increase of age, 30-year-old women have no capital to eat “youth rice”.

Especially becoming home, with children, productivity and ability are enough to let them fall into an endless workplace “fighting.”

In their eyes, it is a habit to stay in the current company and say that they are waiting for promotion opportunities.

Some women in the workplace know that they do not have much development prospects in the current company. Sooner or later they will be replaced by newcomers, but the “craving for success” makes them do not know where to go, so they are confused.

  One example is Elain. She has been a secretary for ten years. She has also changed seven or eight units, but she is still just a secretary.

There is no doubt that in foreign countries, secretaries are more and more “older” and more fragrant; while at home, basically they mainly eat “youth rice”.

So she was worried.

  Solution: Everyone who wants to succeed should make a plan for his own career in combination with his own expertise.

When faced with uncertain career positioning, you may wish to broaden your horizons and open up other battlefields in a timely manner.

As far as Elain is concerned, she was inspired by a friend, tapped into her good personality, and started a business.

With the support of her husband and the help of friends, she took out her “private money” for many years, rented a store, collected small souvenirs from around the world to sell, and one year later, the business was booming.