[Food that pregnant women cannot eat]_Pregnant women_Pregnancy

[Food that pregnant women cannot eat]_Pregnant women_Pregnancy

Pregnant women are a vulnerable group. Pay special attention to diet. Daylily contains colchicine. This toxin can cause symptoms such as dryness of the voice, burning sensation in the stomach, and hematuria; apricots have the effect of sliding tires and are not harmful to teeth.Well, pregnant women should eat with caution; if pregnant women are anaemic, they should also eat less pomegranate.

First, vegetables 1, raw soy milk: Raw soybeans contain toxic ingredients. If you eat uncooked soy milk, it can cause food poisoning.

2. Cassava: Roots, stems, and leaves of cassava contain toxic substances. If raw or undercooked cassava is consumed or its soup is consumed, it can cause poisoning, and its toxins can cause neurological paralysis and even cause permanent paralysis.

3. Germinated potato: Toxin-Solanine at the germination site of potatoes is dozens to hundreds of times higher than its fleshy portion. Once ingested, mild disturbance of consciousness, difficulty breathing, severe cases can be caused by heart failure and respiratory paralysis.lethal.

4, fresh daylily: daylily contains colchicine, this toxin can cause dry throat, burning sensation in the stomach, hematuria and other poisoning symptoms.

Before eating, you need to cook day lily, boil it and boil it in boiling water before cooking.

5, green tomatoes: green tomatoes contain the toxic substance solanumene. Consumption of this immature green tomato has a bitter feeling in the mouth. After eating, symptoms of poisoning such as nausea and vomiting may appear. It is dangerous to eat raw.

6, raw beans: green beans, lentils, red kidney beans, white kidney beans and other beans, fresh or incomplete heating can cause poisoning.

Second, the fruit is actually nothing. Pregnant women must not eat many fruits, but pregnant women must eat a lot of fruits, such as watermelon, pineapple, grapes, kiwi and other fruits. They have high sugar content, are obese, and pregnant women with a family history of diabetes should eat less.It is wonderful.

Hot fruits such as litchi and longan are prone to cause dry stools; persimmons are prone to cause stomach stones; white melon, cantaloupe and peaches are prone to cause diarrhea; jackfruit and durian are prone to cause loss of appetite; bayberry is prone to cause hyperacidity, and pregnant women should take caution.

Hawthorn has a certain contraction effect on the uterus, and pregnant women with a history of miscarriage should “respect them away.”

Apricots have the function of sliding tires and are not good for teeth. Pregnant women should eat them with caution.

If pregnant women are anaemic, they should also eat less pomegranate.
Third, drink strong tea, coffee, cola: These drinks more or less contain caffeine or clonine, this part of the substance has an exciting effect on the central nervous system, can only be consumed in small amounts during pregnancy, and cause too much baby harm.

Cold drinks and soft drinks: Women’s recovery function is weakened after pregnancy, cold food metabolism disorder blood vessel contraction, digestive function weakened and diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms appear.

Soda will consume iron in expectant mothers, which will lead to anemia and affect baby development.

Alcohol: If you drink too much alcohol, it will deform the amplitude and affect the development of vitamin IQ and physiology. Try to avoid alcohol during pregnancy.