No matter which country or force gets this space channel,Is tantamount to grasping the initiative to lead to a foreign world,Nothing else,The resources and first-hand information that may be obtained from there,Is enough to suppress the world,Become the biggest overlord。

Faced with such a huge temptation,Lu Menglin will inevitably not be cautious,Be mindful,In case Kasuga Mingzi suddenly turns her face,I can make clothes for others。
Of course,He just be careful,Does not express the emotion of defense。
Chapter VIII Big plan
By contrast,Kasuga Hakoko’s reaction was particularly calm,As if he didn’t put this space channel in his heart at all。
“Brother Lu,Do you need me to help you restore blood??That one,I want to get back to shore as soon as possible,Worried that something might happen to the East Ocean。”Kasuga seems a little embarrassed,Said。
She and Lu Menglin are both pill warriors,Seeing God is not bad,It can be said that we know each other,in this world,No one knows the strength of each other better than them。
Lu Menglin just consumes too much blood,And Kasuga Haeko lost most of her mental power,But with the alchemy of the two,Just need to rest for a while and recover on its own。
Especially the blood consumed by Lu Menglin,Mainly used by your own big moves,Weakness is only temporary,Will recover soon。
but,If Kasuga Hako, who is also a pill warrior, is willing to use his own blood to help him push,Lu Menglin’s energy and blood will recover faster。
“OK!I’ll trouble you。”Lu Menglin nodded,Signaling for Haruhi to do it。
Kasuga Mingzi gently pressed his palm to the back of Brother Lu,Continuously inject the power of blood in the body into the opponent’s body,Flow along the meridian into the acupuncture points。