“The Rothschild family is indeed very big,Established a very large financial empire,But then again,But it doesn’t mean that the family industry is bigger,The more indestructible!”

“what?I do not understand,It stands to reason that the larger the family industry,Its ability to resist risks is stronger!”Michelle asked inexplicably。
“Not what you think。”Qiao Tianyu then explained。
“indeed,at the very beginning,As the family size gradually expanded,The capital industry controlled by the family quickly accumulated and expanded,Mutual assistance among industries,It resists risks、The ability to resist interference is stronger。”
“But as the family gets bigger、More and more industries,In order to maintain the normal operation of the family industry, more and more human, material and financial resources are needed,But also in control of the family、The requirements for the ability to control the overall situation are getting higher and higher。”
“When the family expands to a certain size,After building a huge financial empire,The requirements for the control of the family have reached the extreme。”
“At this time, the financial empire is like a sophisticated instrument,While all parts are cooperating with each other,Also produced a strong mutual restriction,Can’t tolerate a little problem,Otherwise it will cause the entire instrument to collapse。”
“And as the financial empire grows larger,The more precise this instrument,More complicated,The stronger the mutual restraint between departments,Its ability to resist risks does not increase but decreases。”
“After reaching a certain critical point,Empire development has reached its peak,If we continue to expand,The empire will become fragile,Any little wind and grass,Can cause a chain reaction like dominoes,Eventually led to the collapse of the entire empire。”
“Oh oh,I understand。”After listening to Qiao Tianyu’s explanation,Michelle suddenly realized,“In other words,Just find the weak link of this financial empire,Give it a hard blow,To overthrow the entire empire!”
“Yes,This is the principle in principle!”Qiao Tianyu nodded and said。
“understood。”Michelle’s face is relieved a lot,But at this moment,Michelle’s phone rang,After Michelle answers the call,The soothed face just became tense again。
“Michelle,Did something happen?”Seeing Michelle’s face was wrong,After she puts down the phone,Qiao Tianyu asked quickly。
“Joe,You guessed it this time。”Michelle said in a daze,“Last night I asked the KGB to investigate about the gold of the Rothschild family,The KGB replies to me just now。”