He has already consulted about those things,That is when there is nothing,He didn’t say a word,But now these guys say this,Is this being a fool??

“If you feel a violation,Then go directly to the court to apply,Everything is an agreement made by myself,Who can blame this?”Qin Feng said casually,He doesn’t care about these。
Because everything seems to be bad for him,But the initiative is still in his hands。
If he doesn’t get the spirit liquid out,The rich and powerful,After entering this village,That’s catching turtles in the urn,Even want to leave,There is no way。
Because the houses in the village are not so valuable,Also
It’s those guys to speed up,This is just to stir up the price。
“Kid,You may not understand the specific situation,If you lose the lawsuit, you still have to lose money,Do you have so much money to compensate us?If you terminate the contract like this now, we will all be fine,Do you understand this??”
Huang Shang said very gently,It seems that he doesn’t mind what Qin Feng said。
Qin Feng shook his head and said:“Come on,You show me,What law says I am wrong,Don’t say much,This thing was originally made by a village head named Huang Longwen,Do you think he would not think of this situation??”
He also consulted some lawyers,This is how I made this one。
This kid is not easy to deal with。
Huang Shang immediately realized Qin Feng’s power,He really didn’t expect that this would be the case here。
If Qin Feng said something like this,He is also in trouble。
at this moment,Huang Shang feels a little regretful,I shouldn’t wade in the muddy water。
I’m not talking about the contract,Mainly this matter involves a village chief,This kind of person can only be a rich and powerful guy,Once this is not done,,Then the trouble is very big。
Yangshan also found Huang Shang’s thoughts,He immediately said:“Qin Feng,You say so,Why are you obstructing the way of making money in the village??”
Qin Feng is also a little shameless in admiring these guys,why?
Every time I lift the whole village out to talk,But these guys haven’t thought about it,When you want them to pay,Then don’t pay attention to the village,All of them are only looking at personal interests。