“Then come to Sister Fang。”

Talking room,A van is coming,One man and one woman down from above,Come to Sister Fang:“Sister Fang,It’s this little girl?”
Sister Fang nodded,Then leaned down,Gentle said to the little girl:“Okay with this brother and sister first?Auntie will go back later,Many younger siblings play with you over there!”
Nursery teacher,Is a young lady around twenty years old,Laugh so close。
She came over,Pull the little girl:“Let’s go!are you hungry?Sister takes you to eat。”
The little girl who was still holding sister Fang’s leg,As soon as I heard it,Hesitate immediately,I reluctantly left with that teacher。It seems,Very obsessed with food,It’s probably a snack。
Everyone can even understand,Little girl is hungry a lot,I will eat it when I hear it,Can walk with strangers,I’m probably hungry。
Thought of this,The audience in the live broadcast room shouted at those bastards again!
hard to imagine,If something happened to the little girl,Like a serious illness,Will those arrogant bastards remove their organs and sell them?。
After all, the information on the phone,The police immediately caught fire after seeing it,It can be seen how desolate。
this matter,As netizens,Will continue to pay attention,The police station must give the public an explanation,Investigate carefully,Uncover all the gangs behind the scenes。
In fact,Everyone don’t know,At this time,People from the city bureau have arrived at the police station,Took over the case directly。Also visible,Above attention。
always,Child trafficking、Things like organ trafficking,Nothing trivial,It has always been an area severely cracked down by the public security department。
Wen Wenhao and others,I didn’t expect such a thing to happen,I feel heavier。