“thank you,Officer Xu……”

“Call my brother!Atian!”
Officer Xu slammed the file on the bedside table,His name is“Xu Hai”,Is a senior case inspector。Simultaneously,Xu Tian’s brother。
“brother……The old man called you?”
“Is not,I rushed over when I heard that you had an accident in the underground lane!The vehicle that caused the accident was an unlicensed white7Commercial vehicle,The driver has absconded,Camera is damaged,Investigation and evidence collection is slow……Speak,Who did you offend?The other party can’t do anything,Hired a killer to come to the hospital,This is a blatant provocation to our police!”
“I’m just an e-sports player,Yesterday still playing abroad,Who can offend?correct……What the killer seemed to say just now‘King of War’The command……”
“You are definitely the king of war?I knew it was not that simple!He is an international wanted criminal,An extremely dangerous figure!You guys playing games,The circle is small,How could you have a grudge with him?”
“Say it again,I am an e-sports player,Not playing games……”Xu Tian insisted。
“Ok,Star player!Since it’s here,I would say something for the old man at home,‘Have you played enough,Quick return to training’!”Xu Hai said。
“Wait for me to get the number one in the world,Just go back……”
“You look like me rather than bending!but……I advise you to look at the injury report of your left hand……”Xu Hai pulled out a report from the file and showed it in front of Xu Tian。
“……Metacarpal fracture,Permanent damage to ligaments……”
“this means,In the future, your hand speed may not be as fast as ordinary people……How can I stick to my dream of playing games??”Xu Hai said,Turned to face the window,Secretly wiped out a handful of tears。