Are children with psychological problems not tall?

Are children with psychological problems not tall?

In the case that the child’s body is not diseased, but the growth and development are slow, parents should instead blindly supplement the child’s nutrition or use some nutritional preparations, and should consider whether the child’s psychological problem has occurred.

  Psychologically problematic children are not older than one. The psychological factors that affect growth and development include: 1. family depression due to emotional dissonance between husband and wife; 2. single parent life caused by separation or divorce due to husband and wife noise; 3, parents unemployed or laid offDepression appears; 4, the pressure caused by too high expectations of the child5, the child is too disciplined and loses self-confidence; 6, parents when the child counts the child to produce rebellious psychology

  Second, the influence of psychological factors on children’s growth and development is generally reflected by the child’s physical health: 1. The family’s sense of depression occurs implicitly on the child, and the child’s mood is unstable;Suddenly woke up; 4, the child’s gastrointestinal disorders, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes constipation, gastrointestinal disorders; , 5, low resistance, no major illness, constant minor illness.

  Third, how parents adjust their children’s emotions: 1. Create a good family environment and a relaxed and happy transition. Do not make children feel depressed because of their conflicts.The child feels safe, happy and confident; 3. Do n’t educate the child because the child is mischievous and disobedient, swear and scold the child, punish the child, but be more reasoned and encouraged; 4, parents should target the actual situation of the childCome and develop him, don’t put too much pressure on your child.

  5, pay attention to the child’s diet, pay attention to nutritional matching, do not develop a habit of partial eclipse, never criticize the child or severely reprimand the child while eating, affecting the child’s appetite;Seek medical attention without delay.

  7, if the child is a psychological cause of physical development obstacles, parents do not blindly give their children boosting drugs, as long as the psychological problem is resolved, the child’s growth hormone secretion rate will return to normal, and can quickly increase to a certain age.

  It can be seen that children’s health is divided into two aspects. If any one of the problems occurs, it will have an adverse effect on the child. Therefore, parents must not ignore the child’s mental health while caring about their physical health.