China @ 四川 | Residents do the main Chengdu promotion community (courtyard) democratic negotiation

  Xinhua News Agency, September 23, September 23: Residents are the main Chengdu promotion community (courtyard) democratic negotiations to increase the new China News Agency reporter Li Qianwei is located in the north gate of Chengdu Jinniu District, is the first love theme Neighborhood.

There are many exquisite small scenes here, and the people have been in constant streams, have become a new scenery on the edge of Jinjiang. One of the roads of the road, the first floor of Xinghui Middle Road, Zhang Shaolian opened the door, inviting tourists who came and visited to drink tea and stop. Her name is called "Zhang Auntie’s City Sea Living Room". It’s hard to imagine that it is completely another scene. In the past, although Zhang Shaolian was on the edge of Jinjiang, it did not see Jinjiang, which didn’t see Jinjiang. The high-rise households on the No. 6th of Xinghui Middle Road also have troubles: the courtyard has had a history of 20 years, but there is no elevator on the 7th floor of the building. More than 65% of the residents are older, and the demand for installing elevators is relatively strong. In April 2019, the courtyard of Xinghui Middle Road, the courteid committee of Xinghui Middle Road, proposed to "install the elevator, remove the wall and green".

The community proposal special committee consider that the proposal can be implemented, dominated by the hospital, the community will give guidance and coordinate the migration of water, electricity, gas and other pipelines and supervision of elevator installation engineering. Subsequently, the hospital was completed into the engineering group, the financial group, and the masses’ Working Group 3 additional elevator preparation groups, and one representative was selected, and the relevant matters were disclosed with the college committee and the court party branch. Due to concern that noise pollution, affecting lighting and other issues, the opposition opinion of low-level households is relatively large, and Zhang Shaolian is also opposed.

For the demolition of the wall, the low-rise household has demand, high-rise households have opposed the safety issues. To this end, the college committee, the court party branch and the residents have negotiated repeatedly.

During this period, Chengdu creating "Jinjiang Night Consumer Circle", the community and college committee took this opportunity, on the one hand, through the dismantling of the green, the landscape to create a better living experience of the residents of the first floor, on the other hand, The college commission applies to the community to incorporate the hospital into the smart community project, and solve safety problems through intelligent means. In the end, the demands of low-level and high-level residents were met, and the installation of elevators and removal of the green project was successfully completed in 2020. Today’s Xinghui Middle Road No. 6, the environment is neat, the installed elevator is beautiful and convenient, and it is a river. "The environment is, but not only the renovation of the renovation, there are still four or five old people to move back." Yang Kai Yun, director of the college committee. Luole, Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Chengdu City and Community Governance Director, told reporters that No. 6, Xinghui Middle Road, today, Chengdu is now combing summary, forming a copy, promotion experience.

  "Village, community is the last kilometer of urban grassroots governance ‘, then the community closer to the people, the courtyard is’ the last hundred meters", put the community, the democratic consultation of the court, in place, the participation and feelings of ordinary people It is very obvious. "Luole said. (Reporter Li Qianwei) [Editor: Xu Meifan].