Twelve years watch overnight

Twelve years watch overnight

At the age of 17, her heartbeat echoed in her heart for 12 years.

They missed each other, missed those flowery years, and went to different lives.

Now, when they meet again, they have become parents.

After years of care and thoughts, she was relieved that there was only blessing in her heart.

  ■ Writing: Reporter Bi Jin, correspondent Chen Jinzhi ■ Assumption: Lilac (pseudonym) ■ Age: 29 years old ■ Education: Junior High School ■ Occupation: Freelance ■ Time: 4: 00 pm on August 19 ■ Venue: McDonald’s Restaurant at Xudong Fair Shopping Mall   Lilac (pseudonym) looks very ordinary, it is the type that is not easy to notice when walking on the street.

However, it is such a bland woman who hides a sweet and sad romantic secret in her heart, and it is 12 years old.

Now that the secret is revealed and the dream is awake, the faint and long sweet feeling is still there.

  The expression of a sliced melon seed kernel clove mint has always been bland and calm.

  17 years old is a dream age. That year, I met Le Jun (pseudonym).

I was assigned to work in my father’s shipyard.

My newly divided house is just next to Le Jun’s house.

At first glance, I was attracted by Le Jun’s mature and Sven look.

He was 23 at the time and ran a business in a company.

  Compared with those of the shipyard colleagues, Le Jun is so special.

He walked in and out of his suit every day, introducing black-rimmed glasses.

I was fascinated by his unique temperament, and often came to his house for excuses.

  The days flowed slowly like water. In autumn, Le Jun injured his leg in a car accident.

While sad and sad, I was grateful for more opportunities to accompany him.

I went to chat with him to relieve my boredom when I was free.

Sometimes he limped to bring friends to my house to play.

At that time, a pager was popular, and a friend called him, and he always asked me to call him back.

Two months later, Le Jun’s legs fully recovered, and he and I became more tacit.

  Le Jun is a very caring person. He is gentle and generous, filial to his parents, and sincere to his friends.

On one occasion, Le Jun brought back a child who had run away from the street. He didn’t know what magic he had, but the child was very obedient to him.

He even joked that the child should be his son. He pointed at me and said to the child, “Call her mother, call my dad, and you will be my son in the future.

“Although it was a joke, I still inexplicably cheered.

I waited patiently for Le Jun’s confession and peeped at his expression countless times.

However, he was always elusive.

  Sometimes he does treat me well, a kind of care beyond friendship.

However, when I wanted to further confirm his feelings, he didn’t say anything.

  Lilac added a lot of details to me.

Although it’s just a small daily thing, because of Le Jun, she couldn’t bear to forget it.

She held her chin, her eyes blurred, her thoughts flew to the night 10 years ago.

  One day, the night was already deep, and his parents were asleep. I was still watching TV at his house and reluctantly left.

He asked, “Do you eat watermelon seeds?

I said, “I won’t hesitate.

“He didn’t say a word for a long time, and when I turned around, he handed a peeled melon seed . he didn’t say anything, of course, I am a girl more embarrassed.

In this way, I was stunned in sweetness, and the 18-year-old youth passed away like a wind.   I like lilac, with a touch of melancholy, a short flowering period, but it can bloom brilliantly and calmly.

Sometimes I feel like a clove.

  ”The blue bird does not pass on the cloud, but the clove is empty and the rain is sad”, I do n’t know if Lilac has read this sentence in Li Yan’s “Xuanxi Sand”?

Lilac’s words also reminded me of another poem, Dai Wangshu’s Rain Lane, but the appearance of Lilac is far from the lilac-like girl in the poem.

  Then, Lilac talked about his life.

  My mother was mentally ill and lived in a lunatic asylum most of the time; I lived with my grandmother since I was a child until my 10-year-old grandmother died. Later, I returned to my father, who was grumpy, often drinking, and did n’t like girls . but wanted to see her.A thin girl, in addition to housework and school, must endure endless beatings and scolding. How difficult life is!

I finally understood where her depression came from.

  Le Jun has never given me any hint, and this will inevitably inferior myself.

At this time, one of my brothers came into my life.

  Brother is a greasy person, the type I hate.

However, his kindness to me was unobtrusive and slowly affected me.

Once I twisted my foot accidentally, he immediately carried me to the hospital to see.

The few days I took a break from home, he came over to help me rub my feet.

This lonely boat, like I suddenly found the shore, leaned towards him desperately.

  This was my first love, but it was a shameful experience.

  It turned out that the brother had a girlfriend, but he was romantic and could not bear the loneliness, so he launched an offensive against me again.

Before I found out the truth, I gave him the most precious thing, and when I broke up, my heart was cold.

  A cell phone that has been turned off for two years. Since my relationship with my elder brother was established, Le Jun’s eyes have clearly changed, and he seems to be avoiding something.

I also feel that I am not qualified to get his love again.

Soon, their family moved away, and our contact was over.

  At the arrangement of my father, I met a very honest man and got my marriage certificate in 1996.

Because of the low level of education, in the tide of restructuring, both our husband and wife were laid off.

The two went to work together to earn money for my younger brother to go to college and had a hard time.

  In 2001, my brother graduated from college, and my burden was lightened, and my son was welcomed happily.

All these years, my life is calm and busy, but Le Jun’s figure flashed in my mind from time to time.

  By chance, a good friend of Le Jun half-joked and I hurt Le Jun. This made my thoughts that had been sleeping for years suddenly grow up. Did Le Jun like me?

I want to see him, I must see him, and I want to know what he thought.

  One day in May 2003, I finally couldn’t hold back my urge. I stepped around and heard about Le Jun’s mobile phone number, and called in the past.

  Answering my call, Le Jun was surprised, and her voice changed a bit.

When he heard that I had something to see him, he hesitated and said that the work was too busy, but he agreed with me another time.

  At that time, he was in his early 30s and was not married.

Is it all because of me?

I feel sweet and guilty.

I look forward to the day of the meeting and ask all the truth.

  However, Le Jun did not go to the appointment.

At the last moment, he flinched.

He called and was vaguely supposed to attend, very busy.

I didn’t say anything, a huge humiliation came to my mind, I turned off the phone, and burst into tears.

  My cell phone has been off for two years.

Since then, I bought PHS (Pictures-News-Web) and the numbers on my mobile phone have not been turned over.Le Jun and some of his former friends had a secret past and sank in the phone that was not turned on.