[Can shrimp be eaten after caesarean section]_Cesarean section_Can you eat

[Can shrimp be eaten after caesarean section]_Cesarean section_Can you eat

Women who choose a caesarean section should consider that caesarean sections can leave scars on women’s stomachs. Compared with normal births, women who have a caesarean section also spend much longer in bed.

In order to recover the scars on the stomach and recover the body, the women who have a caesarean section during confinement should strictly control their diet.

Shrimp is a seafood product, but it is also a hair product, so can women who have a caesarean section eat shrimp during confinement?

Can cesarean section confinement eat shrimp?

It is possible to eat some shrimp during the confinement period after caesarean section.

As long as the pinch of the stomach is normal when eating, there is no such condition as diarrhea.

But do not eat fetuses at one time, it will easily cause flatulence.

What is better to eat after caesarean section.

The diet within one week after cesarean section should be based on light nutrition. Rice porridge, eggs, noodles, etc. are the best diet within one week after cesarean section.

Diet should pay attention to fasting cold, spicy food, should not be a big supplement, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Some mothers are affected by traditional habits. They do not eat cold food during the confinement period, and even dare not eat fruits. In fact, some fruits are very helpful for postpartum recovery.

Don’t eat anything during cesarean section. The above mentioned what to eat after cesarean section. Now I will talk about what should not be eaten by cesarean section.

The first is not to eat hot and sour foods, because hot and sour foods can easily irritate the stomach and cause discomfort.

In addition to hot and sour food, of course, cold food is not allowed.

Except, Amy’s hot moms are best not to eat sweets.

Because eating sweets will also affect appetite, and it is easy to accumulate aunt, causing weight gain.

I didn’t expect to be very painful when pregnant, and there are so many taboos when confinement.

The caesarean section mentioned above, and everyone knows that there are actually two types of delivery, one is a caesarean section and the other is a normal delivery.

The contraindications for confinement in both the cesarean section and the caesarean section are the same, the difference is the stab wound on the cesarean section.

Just follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.

When confinement, still have patience, can not be cold or anything, so as not to fall into the root of the disease.