Huo Rongxuan stiffened for a moment,But soon it was relieved,Let go of Shen Han’s hand and let him play around。

(Process omission)
Shen Han has something in mind,Huo Rongxuan is also in a complicated mood,I finally let it out,This love between two people may not enjoy it。
Shen Han lay on the bed exhausted,I haven’t waited for him to get over,I heard Huo Rongxuan’s cold voice above:“Satisfied??”
Shen Han sat up puzzled,Seeing Huo Rongxuan, there is no temperature in his eyes,Can’t help asking:“what?”
Huo Rongxuan smiled self-deprecatingly,“What is the result of acceptance,It’s disappointing。”
Shen Han was taken aback,I feel cold suddenly,I have a terrible headache in my chest。
“That was not what I meant……”
Huo Rongxuan said:“Whether or not,You saw it too,I am like this now。”
Shen Han rushed to hug him,“no,Will be fine!”
“What if it doesn’t work,Shen Han,Do you plan to do this in your next life?I hold you now,Can’t even move……”
That’s it for Huo Rongxuan,The sound choked suddenly and had to stop。
He took a deep breath,Push away Shen Han,Throw clothes on him,“You go。”
“Huo Rongxuan……”
Huo Rongxuan suddenly yelled:“Go out!”
Shen Han trembled,I had to bow my head and put on my clothes and walk out in silence。But he was sad and sick,At this time the feet are soft,I suddenly slipped when I walked to the door,The whole person fell on his back。
Fell really hard,“Bang”The back of his head slammed on the floor,It took Shen Han immediately。
Huo Rongxuan was also taken aback,Call him anxiously in bed。
But Shen Han was stunned,Huo Rongxuan’s voice sounded like it came from far, far away,He turned his head and vaguely could see Huo Rongxuan lying on the bed looking anxiously。Shen Han opened his mouth to him,Can’t say anything while dizzy。
Huo Rongxuan was so anxious to see him that his heart jumped out,The person who was supposed to be guarding the door is now asleep.,Huo Rongxuan yelled a few times and no one came in。