“Ha ha,You poorbī)You are qualified to fight against me。I think you are very pitiful,Do you want to give you a few thousand yuan to take a taxi back??wrong,Here is the sea,Is there a sea taxi?Haha!”

Qin Feng continued to mock,And the guests around him basically frowned。Because they think Qin Feng is a bit arrogant。
but,But they can only look at it like this,But I can’t say anything。
after all,Qin Feng seems to be a bit prosperous,At least so far I have won hundreds of thousands of chips。As for the others,Can be like Qin Feng“Record”But very few。
“You bet!”
“Ha ha,I want to see the cards in this game!I am 500,000。”Qin Feng Leng Lengdao。
“Wow!”At this time, most people have some special reactions,After all, even the one who suppressed the most before, only suppressed 300,000 in one round.。
of course,This number is already a lot!But that’s because people had such a reaction,So they don’t understand why Qin Feng would suppress all wins at once。
Qin Feng looked at Jinjiu after pressing,“Young man,Aren’t you fighting me?I plan to buy a few thousand yuan?Then you come inVIPWhat about Fang Zuo?”
“you,Boy, your aggressive method is useless to me。”Jin Jiu Jian is also an official official anyway,Some criminal psychology is still well understood。So at this time I probably understand Qin Feng’s intentions,I just want to make his mind upset,Then lost。
“Oh,Then you go!It’s no use staying here!You don’t bet anyway,Just know that you’re arguing with me。But don’t even have money。”
After Qin Feng said these mocking words, he waved to the security personnel in the room。
“Mr,what happened!”The security guard came over with a puzzled look。