in fact,To talk about cost performance,Imported cars are not cost-effective,After all, the import tax is high,The price is high,The price is high。

but,Hu Yang is not a particularly picky person,Feel for a while,Nodded:“This,Do you have any existing cars in your dealership?”
He needs a,A car that can be obtained as soon as possible,How many weeks do those have to wait,Even one or two months,He directly ignored。
This tone,It’s a rhythm to buy directly!The manager no longer doubts Populus’ purchasing power。
He was relieved,Because this car is really available,So nodded quickly:“some,if you need,Can test drive at any time。”
This car in front of you,Belonging to show car,Generally not sold directly。
“Row,Then go for a test drive!If there is no problem,Help me with the formalities as soon as possible,I am a bit tight。”Populus euphratica。
“So much!Arrange now,Xiaoyu,Come and greet the guests。”Shouted the manager,Call the beauty before,Entertain the distinguished guest Hu Yang。
Everyone take a look,It really is a local tyrant。
This car,I heard the manager talk about the price just now,Over 1.2 million。
More than one million cars,Buy and buy,It’s more refreshing than buying a pound of pork,Worthy of the rich。Looks pretty good,Younger and more money。
“Hu Ge,Lianmai invite,Do you want to open?”Hua Tsai was reminded,Next,Multi-link wheat。