“Sister Yuqin is right,Of course this is the credit of all the beautiful sisters,of course,This does not include Lianfeng!”Xin Zhao said,Then grinned at Lianfeng,An angry Lianfeng really wanted to shoot him。

And Xin Zhao certainly won’t flirt with Lian Feng at this time,But directly to Yuqin“Sister Yuqin,In the afternoon I will train a few people from the second team,Of course it might also hurt them a little bit,I hope you can help me recover!”
“I have no problem,But you also know that Lianfeng is in charge here,Why don’t you go talk to her!”After Yuqin learned about Xin Zhao’s intention,,Changed hands and pitted Zhao Xin。
And Lianfeng heard this,Instead he sat there calmly,Just a pair‘I’m sitting here,See how you act!’
Xin Zhao smiled at Yuqin,Then I couldn’t help feeling。
‘She deserves to be an old aunt who lived for more than 10,000 years,It’s black when the heart is cut open!’
of course,Does he know how to say this?,If you say it,It is estimated that he may not be able to walk out of this command room intact。
While everyone is waiting to eat melon and watch the show,Xin Zhao walked directly to the door,Then he turned around and left without hesitation。
This makes those who are idle and painful,All froze。
This,Does this guy believe in Lianfeng so much?!Isn’t he afraid of Lianfeng putting on small shoes for him?!
of course,Think so,If anyone dares to speak out,Lianfeng doesn’t mind showing it,What does it mean to crush people to death?。
As for why Lianfeng is so calm,Of course Xin Zhao contacted her in the secret communication。
Xin Zhao:“Pitiful beauty,I have a compressed package here,Please accept it!”