“Master Lu,It’s so unusual!”Zhao Ping can only praise sincerely。

“second round,I will intersperse the password,Or until the enemy sniper is killed……Once the opposing sniper is killed,Please Zhang Song cooperate with the second team to attack immediately!”
“Master?Don’t you need me to protect you this time??”Zhang Song asked。
“You are so embarrassed to say!Just now, the military instructors almost attacked us successfully!I suspect you are the same as you……”Shunzi started to ridicule Zhang Song。
“Yo?I haven’t seen the wings grow hard in just a few days?I forgot who had a nose before,With tears, I begged me to avenge him?”Zhang Song feels he needs to remind Shunzi,Let him understand his position。
“Thirty Years of Hedong,Hexi for thirty years,Don’t bully young people!”Shunzi replied。
“Right front,Feint!”
At this time, Lu Yi’s command command came。
Shunzi only needs to hesitate a little,Found the essentials,Simultaneously,He began to observe Lu Yi’s movements consciously。
“it’s wired!”
Turns out that every time Lu gave a password,He will make moves in the opposite direction to the straight order。
such as,When I killed a tiger for the first time,,Lu Yirang Shunzi“Front left feint!”。In fact,I am“Right front,attack!”So you can kill the opponent’s sniper。
Shunzi,It’s really scary!If you change from the angle of the opponent’s sniper,,Will be dizzy,Face two snipers like gophers at the same time,If you shoot, you will expose your position,Even if you can kill one person,at the same time,There will be another person,Able to target yourself。
after all,A sniper rifle,Only one muzzle,It is impossible to shoot in two different directions at the same time……
“Who is Lu Yi??How can you come up with such a disgusting trick?How big is the area of this psychological shadow?”Shunzi has doubts。
Use two people,Block the opponent’s one of the strongest ace snipers,Lu Yi doesn’t just believe in his own strength,I fully believe in Feng Xichuan’s strength!
“Just drag the opponent’s sniper,they3hit4 ,I will definitely win!”Shunzi opened up the two lines of Ren and Du in an instant,IQ occupied the high ground。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Ninety Five Fight black wind again(Eight)