Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty One Infighting

The day before,Right in front of the open space,Hu Dehai witnessed one‘senior’,Dragged out of the iron cage like a dog,After the body was pierced with two tubes of light blue injection,Crazy like demonized,Attack all designated living creatures,Until I’m exhausted。
Because of the angle and shading,Hu Dehai didn’t see the man’s face clearly,But there is always a feeling of deja vu,Can’t help but sink straight down,Is it Yuan Hua or Guo Yaowu?
The futile resistance seems to have just added a glimpse of the blood-stained forest,Hu Dehai was dragged away,Go straight to the gray building behind the small building。
The uninterested sentry reluctantly retracted his head,But I haven’t had time to turn around,A big hand suddenly covered his face,Immediately after the severe pain in the back of the brain, I lost consciousness。
The owner of the big hand is naturally Li Tianchou,He took advantage of the brief noise,Quickly touched behind the guard post,The shack built with bamboo and thatch is not reliable,He easily tore a hole from below,I can get my body in。
The shack is very small,Only enough for one person,Li Tianchou quickly took off the sentry’s coat,So-so,There is too much stuff in the tactical vest,Looks bloated,Fortunately, this person has a suitable body。
Li Tianchou wants to take this opportunity to quickly resolve another outpost next to him,It is possible to approach the gray building behind the small building,No matter who the middle-aged man is just now,He also needs to be rescued and ask questions,Otherwise, the blind cat will kill the mouse,Too much time wasting。
So by the dense fog,Plus the camouflage of this jacket is still necessary。
Li Tianchou digs out a pack of cigarettes from the sentry’s jacket pocket,Got an idea right away,He took the sentry’s spear and put it on his shoulder,Then buckle the seemingly funny green army cap on his head,Deliberately lower the brim,Then light a cigarette,Walked out of the post with a calm look,
The nearby sentry did not respond,When Li Tianchou was about to approach, he said something,Although I don’t understand,But he took the opportunity to speed up,Pretending to cough,I crashed into the shack,
The other party went from surprise to surprise,It only takes about one second to be alert again,This is enough for Li Tianchou,Punch past,Directly hit the sentinel’s carotid artery,Very clean。
Simply handle the sentry,Li Tianchou took out a lot of gun parts from his backpack,Quickly assembled his assault rifle,Hualaka got a full magazine,Adjust the speed machine to single shot state,Then I observed the surrounding situation a bit,He slanted the gun,Walked swaggering towards the grey building。
Close observation,This is a strange building,It looks like a beret buckled diagonally on the ground,The highest point is no more than four meters,The shortest point is about one meter,A building of this shape,Generally divided into two layers: surface and underground,Often the underground part is much larger than the surface part。
Can’t underestimate such a building,Its cost and construction difficulty are far more than the two-story building next to it,Here should be‘Cemetery’The core place。
Looks like the iron door is locked,Closely fit,And the row of vents at the back is too conspicuous,At least four outposts around can see this location,Basically no chance to mix in。
It seems difficult for the time being,If it’s night time, it’s much more convenient,But Li Tianchou doesn’t have much time,He pretended to circle around,Back to the shack just now,I realized that my hands were full of cold sweat。
But not without gain,Just wandered around,No one pays attention to him,It seems that the sentries in this place are mostly displayed,But not 10,000,Just in case,The rare opportunity is helpless,Li Tianchou is a little worried,It’s hard to touch all the outposts?