Inside the entire field,A piece of death!Summer did not continue to work,Obliquely fell on the ground,It is raising the head and grievances staring at your snake woman。

Also 瞟 站 白 白 白,“So??”
White goose anger,Mady to the extreme,Switch to the mouth of the mouth,The fierce glamorous flame is generally burning。
“Woman dare to play me,I won’t waste you.!”
He is like a cheetah, he will hear it.。
See him,Snake women are also standing from the ground,Bite the teeth。
“superior!” “Go together,This kid is too mad。”
“Take the white brother and the nephew,Do him!”
The seventeen people brought by White goose also angry.。
They can only hide their hurts with anger.,There is no scruple, you have to be surrounded by summer.。
“Don’t really face。”
Black and black,The heart is not a taste。
Make a reason,This scene,He should help summer。
After all, the summer is coming to the three battalion.。
But what I said before,Let the black son waiting for the Taiwan。
Important,They all see,This older newcomer,Too much fighting ability is too strong。
Even a feeling,Even if it is the captain Uttudi,Not necessarily an opponent。
“Kuroko,What is going on here?,Wait at our people who were bullied??”
Some people are dissatisfied,Jump。
“Don’t do it。”
The black child stops the eager to move,“We http://www.irrstech.cnall look at it.,This young man is strong,I also want to know where his potential is.。”
NS3515Row Warm up
Within the field。
Ten people have started at the same time.。
Momentum,噼 噼 如 响 响 响 响。
They swarmed,Snowstorms in the summer。
One wave is one wave,Never stop。
Far away,He is like a leaf boat in the wolf.。