Decompression from Huawei employee suicide

Decompression from Huawei employee suicide

A netizen who claimed to be a Huawei employee said: “Recalling my days at Huawei was really not a happy memory . because my feeling at Huawei is to suffocate, or to feel unhappy.

This is not to say that the workload, overtime work, or the like is caused by the entire work transformation.

“Employees committed suicide due to excessive work pressure, and could not shirk all responsibility to the enterprise.

The reason is simple, if he can’t bear the corresponding work pressure, he can resign without having to choose the extreme way of suicide.

But then again, if it wasn’t for the company’s neglect of employees’ mental health problems that caused the least humanistic care, how would employees go on this dead end?

  According to psychology experts, in the United States, about 90% of medium-sized and above enterprises will hire a specialized psychological service agency to solve employees’ psychological problems at any time.

In Europe, the “Decompression for Employees” campaign is very popular in the business world. 95% of large companies and 85% of SMEs provide employees with decompression assistance, with a total annual cost of about 80 billion euros.

  Chinese statutory companies lack due recognition of their employees’ mental health. Suicides are mainly due to their psychological inability to withstand a certain level of stress and despair, so they choose to go nowhere.

If the company can provide them with a straightforward, transparent, and friendly communication alternative, there is a dedicated staff who pays attention to their psychological condition at any time, and conducts psychological counseling from time to time, instead of appropriate methods for employees to vent their internal pressure and relieve their trouble.
In short, the tragedy of employee suicide will not continue only with the psychological services of excellent companies.