Skinny Yoga for 100% Legs

Skinny Yoga for 100% Legs

Always reluctant to go to yoga classes with those money?

But disgusted with their stout legs?

Can I teach myself yoga at home?

Of course, today, I will teach you a few yoga movements that specialize in the excess meat on the legs, tighten your legs, and create a pair of legs that make others “eye-scared”.

  1. Standing forward step1 standing position, feet close together, legs straight, straight forward over the top of the head, facing the same width as the shoulders, stepping slightly back, chest and abdomen.

  Step2 slowly bend your body until the palms of both hands touch the ground, lift up towards the top, slightly arch the tail, and lower your head.

  2. Warrior-style step1 standing position, take a big step forward with your left foot, bend 90 degrees, straighten your right leg, your calf close to the floor, straight forward and support directly under your shoulder, step straight, your head slightlyLift up.

  Step2 switch to the other side and repeat.

  3, the flat style is based on the warrior style, with your left foot behind, your feet close together, your legs straightened, and at the same time lower your body so that your body is on a line with your eyes looking at the floor.

  4. Cobra step1 kneeling, staring at the ground, supporting the toes, supporting the thighs, straightening the backrest, straight forward under the shoulders, supporting the ground with both hands, eyes looking to the floor.

  Step 2 lower the plaster so that the bottom touches the ground, carefully raise the front, and lean forward slightly, with your face against the floor.

  Step3: Lower your feet, your stomach close to the floor, lower your thighs and insert them on the floor, support your body with your hands, lean back slightly, and look diagonally upward.

  5. On the basis of the cobra style, the lower dog is straight, the legs are straight, the hips are raised to point to the ceiling, the sides are straight and the body is pointed forward, and the upper part is pressed down.