The voice has not fallen,Everyone saw that Han Fengdao’s figure suddenly changed,Soaring bones,Even his face changed,Become another person。

Although there are many strong people among these people,But no one can control skeletal muscles like this,Completely changed into another person,Such amazing skills,It’s the seventy-two changes in myths and legends。
This Han Fengdao quickly changed his body shape,To be precise, he recovered his true body,It is Lu Menglin himself undoubtedly。
“It’s you!Lu Menglin!”Chen Qingyun is not surprised,Because he guessed it just now,There are not many people with such skills in the world,Lu Menglin is one of them。
“You killed Han Fengdao?”Chen Qingyun said lightly。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Looking directly at Chen Qingyun, who is aloof,Speak loudly:“Not bad!Han Fengdao dared to break into the Valley of Fright,Intend to kidnap my parents,I happened to be touched,He can’t live!”
“but,Before he died,Confess all your scandals!Chen Qingyun,I just ask you one sentence,Dare you to recognize?”Lu Menglin shouted。
The whole audience is silent。
Only Lu Menglin’s voice reverberates from the cliffs!
This accusation is too serious!What he said when he pretended to be Han Fengdao,if it is ture,Then it means the credibility of the Earth Alliance is discouraged,Many strong people present could not help but retreat in their hearts。
A set of the surface of this earth coalition,Secretly there is another set。Invite us to come to form an alliance,Behind the scenes he sent masters to copy people’s nest,This kind of treachery,Will Chen Qingyun recognize it??
“I don’t need to explain to you!Because there is no need!”Chen Qingyun still looks arrogant,Lightly。
no doubt,Chen Qingyun is one of the proudest people in the world,Things he did,will not,Don’t bother to deny。
Besides, Lu Menglin has already jumped out to question face to face,Shows that he still has a back hand,Han Fengdao didn’t know what he told him,If Chen Qingyun denies,Will only get hit harder。
“I have already said,Respect the strong among the coalition forces,You are not strong enough for me,It makes no sense to say anything!”
“As long as I am the strongest,Even if they believe you,Don’t you dare to say anything?”Chen Qingyun smiled regretfully,Shook his head。
This remark,It’s still silent all around。