but,The guards of the temple are not chickens,Especially when the priests have shot them magic arts,Everyone is refreshed,The dragon is fierce。

Temple guards blessed by priests,And temple guards without the blessing of priests,It’s totally different!
Those who have been blessed with courage to guard、Guardians of the Temple of Defensive Aperture and Grand Healing,Suddenly burst into a powerful fighting force,Especially the leader of the team,Ambilight,Obviously the one with the most added status。
Although Tu Shanming’s grade is high,Explosive,But when he was most ferocious,Usually when it’s killing your life!It’s obviously not time to die,Even he knows,It’s okay to wound and maimed these clergy,If you kill these guys in the Guangming Dragon Temple,I guess it will cause a lot of trouble for Wu Hao boss。
Just so hesitated,In addition, those temple guards on the opposite side are in great condition,Tu Shanming cut it out with a knife,On the contrary, it was blocked by the boss,The situation immediately became a little passive。
“I’ll replace him!”Long Zhanye solemnly said。
He saw that Tu Shanming was not strong enough to kill,In this situation,If you don’t do it well, you will suffer。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Suddenly shouted:“Chop his left leg!”
Tu Shanming heard this,I didn’t hesitate to take a backhand,Cut to the left leg of the boss。
Everyone was shocked,Because of this knife,Too bad!
Tu Shanming should return to the defense at this time,Instead of slashing people so bluntly,And Master Wu Hao has broken his knife path,The opponent only needs one simplest step back,Immediately let Tu Shanming’s attack fail,And will make him fall to death。
But at this moment,An astonishing scene appeared。
The leader of the temple guard,Do not know why,Not only there is no retreat,Instead, he stomped his feet like a ghost,Take a step in place。
This step away,A matter of life and death!
Tu Shanming’s Iron Slasher rushed away,Take advantage of the situation like lightning,It happened to fall in the middle of the opponent’s armor gap。
I saw the knife flash by,The leader of the temple guard screamed,Crashed to the ground。
One of his left legs is separated from the body,Blood like spring,Spout,Instantly stained a large area of the ground。
Tu Shanming easily succeeded with this knife,Even he himself was taken aback,Immediately move by instinct,A few more dollars,Smashed through the attacks of other temple guards,Break through the opponent’s encirclement without hesitation,Put the blade on the neck of the man with the broken leg。
“Haha!I said I’m invincible!Holding a magic weapon,There is no one like me!”Tu Shan Ming Yi Zhao Zhizhi,Laughed wildly right away。