Since I got it all,Sister Fei, the proprietress, doesn’t hide it,Tell everyone:“this painting,It is the work of the famous Japanese master Katsushika Hokusai,One million is definitely worth。”

The president of their city’s antique association heard,Also stunned,They didn’t think about foreign painters!No wonder,No one can recognize whose work it is。
“What i said!”
“It turned out to be a Japanese work,but,Who is this Katsushika Hokusai??”
“Are you an outsider??Katsushika Hokusai does not know?”
The most depressed,It is undoubtedly the Korean Kim Sung-ki。If the eyes can kill people,That stinky lady is broken to pieces。
The president of the Antiques Association has an impression of this young woman,After all in the association,Few women。but,In my memory,This woman seems to have little strength, right?
As a municipal antique association,The requirements for membership are very low,Just apply,Basically pass,Besides, they still have an antique shop。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Four Qing Sancai
I saw the president come over,Say hello to everyone,I also asked Sister Fei,How do you see that painting。To know,Even he didn’t see it。
Sister Fei had to tell him,Really see through the picture,Not her,But the Populus beside her。Simultaneously,Also solemnly introduce him to Populus。
Chairman Wang looks at Populus,I always feel that this person is a bit familiar,But don’t remember when,Where have you seen it。
“Hello, President Wang!My name is Populus,Also a member of the Antiques Association,but,From the Guangdong Antiques Association。”Populus greeted。