Guan Tingna looked at Xia Jian,Asked softly。

Xia Jian nodded and said:“done,But I have to find a way to go up these days,Sending up later will be very risky。Hey!Really troublesome,Exhausted”
“You are indeed a little tired driving back and forth by yourself,How about this!Next time I go,Bring Satsuki on,It will be easier for you two to switch on。Then I won’t bother you,Take a shower and sleep,Let’s talk about it tomorrow”
Guan Tingna said,Very interesting and returned to his room。
Xia Jianyi returned to his room,There is still strength to take a bath,He takes off his clothes,I fell asleep when I fell on the bed。
Until the next morning,He just got up and took a shower。He is really tired,Lying in bed last night,He didn’t even have a dream before dawn。
When Xia Jian packed up and went downstairs,There are no more employees in the restaurant,But his breakfast is reserved for him。He finished eating quickly,So he drove to Donglin Building。
Xia Jiangang walked into his office,Guan Tingna came with Bai Li。Xia Jian knew what they meant by coming to him without asking。
“The opening of Ziyangguan tourist attraction in Donglin Township,Must officially start on October 1st。This time,Full of advertising。From tv,All the way to the newspaper,There are better outdoor advertisements,Such as the highway entrance,Wait on the high artillery,All ads on Ziyang Temple”
Xia Jian was driving the computer,And said to Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna glanced at Xia Jian,Took a breath and said:“Is the investment too big?,Shall we promote slowly”
“No way,This fire must be burned,Otherwise, the expected effect will not be achieved,Then our project can make a loss。It’s better to be a provincial capital,And surrounding counties,For example, Bucheon City is a better choice。After all, there is a large population here,The consumption level of personnel is relatively higher”
Xia Jian’s tone is very tough,Doing tourism,He is quite experienced。
First2498chapter Confess to my old lady
After Xia Jian arranged this work for Guan Tingna and Bai Li,,He said a little sorry:“The opening of the tourist route of Ziyang Temple,It stands to reason that I should be there,But my wife’s due date is in October。Because of her special situation,I’m afraid I will have difficulty attending this event by the time,Mr. Guan will do this for you”
“Don’t worry about this,You arrange your family affairs first,I’ll talk later”
Guan Tingna said,And winked at Bai Li。Bai Li knows,Immediately turned and left。
Wait for Bai Li to leave,Guan Tingna lowered her voice and said:“**Annoying!My dad is coming to our group to see,What do you say about this?I tried my best not to let them come,But the more you talk about it, the less useful”