Because Li Cuihua knows the price of the maintenance liquid,A bottle of 500,Now that the other party says it will send,Fruit is the big boss。

The hand of the person,Eat people’s mouth。
soon,Li Cuihua will help Qin Yuqi together with Qin Ya.。
As for Li Hui, it is directly to be dried outside.。
“Small,You can’t stay in this well.,How do you think about it?。”
“Cuihua sister,I have encountered some trouble in the city.,No place to hide,Just knowing Li Hui Feng,Let him help,Then come to your village.。”
Li Cuihua, I am hiding in trouble.,I don’t ask now.,After all, people have said this.,She will continue to ask more, it is too rude.。
In case, Li Cuihua, who is criminalized, the more you think it is very likely.。
“Giggle,You will have trouble such a big boss.?”
“Cuihua sister,You can don’t believe in the little wind,I am selling clothes.,Where is the big boss?,And I have encountered this trouble,The small wind said that it may be a ghost.,Especially the room I live.,May have bad things,This is not, I will come here for a while.。”
I heard that there is a ghost,Li Cuihua also couldn’t help but a few steps away from Xu Ru.。
After all, there are still many people who believe in the village.。
That is, Wu Lu is not also won for many days, I don’t dare to go out.,If it is not Li Hui’s mouth, it is recognized as he dress up.,Wu Si, I am afraid that I will be sent to mental hospitals now.。
Qin Su Ya is also some fear,Because she has always been a person living in four big watts,There is also a big yard。
When the night is quiet, she will not help but think about terror.。
Now Xu Ruzhen said,She felt that this is difficult to sleep in this evening.。
Just when the three are falling into silence,Li Hui’s outside is also coming over again.。
“Cuihua,Little Ya,You will also go to the cover.,In the evening, let’s come back to a picnic to come with your sister.,After all, my man is always not that.。”
Qin Sui listened to this,It’s just a little bit to go back.。
Li Cuihua is a beautiful,Laughing, Li Hui。
“Xiao Li,The scorpion has to drink a cup tonight.,You can get ready for wine,Otherwise, the scorpion does not give you a meal.。”
Say,Li Cuihua directly twisted the floral waist and the cat, there is a charm to slow down.。
Xu Ruzhen looked at the back of the two,Laughing directly:“Xiao Li,These two are also your girlfriend?”
The word girlfriend bites in Xu Ruyu mouth.。
“Hey-hey,Sister,What do you want?,Cuihua scorpion people have a husband,How can I??
Little Ya Jie is reluctant to be,But Xiao Ya Jie is like you.,I have not agreed,But I am nearly close to the relationship with the sister.,After all, I have been with the sister.”After that, he didn’t wait for him.,Xu Ru is ashamed directly。
“Go! Go! Go,Just remember the matter,Isn’t it a misunderstanding??
You can’t have a lot of?”
“Forehead,can not,After all, I am the first time with my sister.,And and I also like the sister.,How could it be used as a result??”
Li Hui’s sudden confession made Xu Ruzhen is also a glimpse.。
She originally thought that Li Hui Feng will not confess her.,After all, when I combined with Li Hui Feng,Li Hui also did not say any sweet words。
“breeze,In fact, the sister is also some like you.,However, the sister does not want to force you to like me because of the matter.,so,Still over time, let’s take a look.,If we really can’t let go of each other, we really have to try it.,After all, the sister is not a small age.,I feel that I should find a harbor to stay.。”
When I said this,Xu Ruzhen is also a serious look, Li Hui,The pair is also full of love。
Although she wants to cover up,But what I think of Li Hui’s good,She feels warm in her heart.。
“Hey-hey,I don’t have to know later.,I must not let go of the sister.。”
“Lee,My dad is looking back.,Say there is a tight thing to talk to you.。”