Do a never rust-rustless red screw-Zhongyi Feng Technology Red Screw Party Branch Position Construction New Practice

Panchong, Yang Xiaoma engages in party construction in the enterprise, especially in private enterprises, in the view of Zhongyi Feng Technology, not "catching fashion, hotspot", but a real development need for business.

"Our corporate culture is the party building culture, and the party construction is to do a good job in business operation. Our party construction and business operations are inseparable. The support will be the cadre, the cadres will be the branch, the two is one, high integration!" Speaking of corporate culture and party building culture, Wang An Li is very experienced. The "red screw" is finally positioned as the core of corporate culture and party building culture, originating from his keen, but also from his long-term thinking. Wang Anli’s 18-year-old student era has joined the Chinese Communist Party. After work, the core executives in three large enterprises have founded Zhong Yifu Technology. At the beginning of the establishment of Zhongyi Feng Technology, it is proposed to use the management idea of ??modern enterprise partnership. He believes that the original enterprise and employee’s simple employment will gradually fade with the development of the new era, and the employees who are respected can be made. Great contribution. Therefore, ZHANG Yi Technology started from a birth, it did not destined to dare to innovate and extraordinary.

After the establishment of Zhongji Feng Technology, the first thing to do with the partner is: agreed with corporate vision and corporate spirit, etc.; Seeing General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about "nail spirit" until suddenly.

"We come out to create Zhongjahao Technology is the nail spirit of the General Secretary to pay attention to the spirit of the nail, and our business must have red and special, a heart to drill, and each of our employees must be like Lei Feng. A small screw is contributed to the company in your own position; I recommend that the spirit of the enterprise is selected as "Spike Spike", Wang An Li’s proposal has been supported by the partner’s full ticket support.

The screw spirit has been repeatedly discussed to refine the twelve words: forward, go up, do not admit defeat, music sharing; this has become the core of Zhongji’s technological corporate culture, but also the source of the red screw party branch name and spiritual connotation Inspire all employees of Zhongji Fu Technology to pay for any effort, and make Zhong Yifeng Technology! With the growth and growth of Zhongyi Feng Technology, Wang Anli relied on the initial development of the company, relying on the team, relying on the opportunity, relying on the joint efforts from all employees; if long-term development, if it still relying on dozens of people struggle It is not far away. Therefore, he proposed ZHANG YIHHHHIZUIITALICAL and technical philosophy: in the pursuit of all employee spirit and material double harvest, contributing to urban development and social progress.

In order to apply the company’s business philosophy in the company’s development practice, ZHANG YIHHHHAO Technology has established a red screw party branch on March 10, 2018; the spiritual leadership of employees is the party construction culture leading the development of enterprises; employees’ material harvest It is the ability to get more, for the struggle, salary, add stocks; The role model shares more than one million million, hoping to lead the direction of the company with the power of the example.

"Now it’s more bitter, now I work hard, and will be happy in the future.

"Wang An Li once advised his employees.

"After braving, we finally refine the core content of the Red Screw Party Branch, that is, a spirit, two grams, three communities, five-legged awareness, six effective ways, ten specific practices.

This is the same as our corporate culture, the party construction culture is the corporate culture. The corporate culture is the party building culture. I am the chairman of the party branch. You have me, I have you, the spirit of the red screws, leading the spirit of the company Throughout the business link, especially the employee’s thoughts, spirit and values ??of the values, Wang Anli said. In their view, "a spirit", "listen to the party Chinese, feel the party, forward," Going up, not admitting, music sharing "red screw spirit." Our orientation is that under the party’s leadership, we will make companies strong, contribute to the country, and increase taxes. "Two Stars", the red screw culture and red screw rage model, culture is the spiritual leader, the example is the struggle, both hands are catching, both hands must be hard. The red screw the party branch in "two starting hands" On the top, the "three community". Among them, the Labor Community is a college graduate, who has just participated in the work, and they reward the monthly payment for the first economy to meet the goals, and learn the knowledge and skills of work; It is the core of the company’s middle backbone. They are based on annual salary revenue. Through hard work, they can share the company’s growth in the year-end sharing of the company’s growth. Zhongji Feng Technology, the company has succeeded is a successful personal success; there is no way to retreat, with the company’s same breathing, a total of life, and forever. "In the three communies, we hope to train the labor community into a business community. Cultivating the Community into a Destinum Community, my personal shares gradually decrease, and more and more people in the Destiny Community, their shares are getting more and more strong, and the company will become stronger, "Wang Anli is in this three Community. During the process of company growth, the most important emphasis is the strength of cadres.

Therefore, in order to further enhance the capacity and quality of cadres and the quality, ZHANGHHAILANG Technology refines the "five sense five awareness".

Five-Lower refers to: Efficient implementation capacity, innovation capacity, professional technical capabilities, compressive growth ability, leadership ability; five awareness refers to: patriotic love party consciousness, honesty and trustworthiness, strive for excellence Great consciousness. In their view, the train ran quickly, relying on the front of the head, this car is not a boss, but a group of cadres, a Destish Community, in the cadres’ ability, but also pays attention to cadres and cultivation and improvement, the spirit is The soul is the direction, and it is also the value of the future development. In order to further improve the core leading role of the branch, the organization’s strength and productivity are continuously improved, and the "Six Effective Ways" of "Six Effective Ways" of "Organological Transformation into Productivity".

Among them, the party members cultivated into a backbone, and cultivated the backbone into party members. It is the successful manner of the construction of the Sino-Yifeng Technology team. The other four ways are: Party groups are on the project, and party members have arranged in key tasks, old party members Help new employees, red model motivate all employees. At the same time, ZHANG YIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT EIV will also make the party building in every part of the company. Everyone has grown up, and the red screw party branch puts forward "ten specific practices", and this "ten specific Practices, and the "ten landing" of corporate culture is exactly the same. That is: the partner win-win, the struggle is the book, military execution, family love, I am the spokesperson, standardized construction, to save the rider, the bottom line remember, live to be grateful, work is to practice. This ten specific practice is to guide the basic guidelines for the daily behavior of the company’s operations and employees, and go deep into the inner heart of employees and implement them in specific work.

In Zhongji Fu Technology, there are three sentences, everyone is familiar, that is, "starting with the party, struggling with the party, and dreaming with the party.

"These three sentences, were made by Zhongji Fu Technology, brightly sticked to the most prominent position of the corporate office. Not only that, such as" Red Screw Spike "display area, red role base, party members learning books, etc. It doesn’t make people feel a rich red cultural atmosphere.

There is a "learning garden" in the platform of Ziyong Technology Office. Inside, the setting is very simple, only the "happiness" is very dazzling. This is where Zhongji’s more than 160 employees study Xi Xi Ping General Secretary, the original secretary of General Secretary. They will often conduct a reading meeting, share, party building exchanges.

In the Learning Garden, there is also a seemingly ordinary and very special tree-tree.

It is said that the seeds of the tree are one of the five types of space seedlings equipped with the "Shenzhou 6" spacecraft in my country. "This is a seed that falls from the sky. It has a very tenacious vitality, which also predicts us Chinese billions. Fengke Technology will thrive, do a big stronger. "Zhongji Fu Technology employees who are familiar with this tree said this. The success of the Sino-Yifang Science and Technology Party Construction is the success of the integration of corporate culture and party building culture. The red screw culture has always been planted in the soil of the enterprise. As the SMillion’s Struggress Party Construction Garden, the branches, the base is growing! .