And Liu Zhimin is the captain of this team of security personnel,He usually stays in the company’s R&D department,This time I was called by Ning Xichen,Finally, because Yunji Island’s medicinal materials are of great importance,But Gan Yifan doesn’t cooperate much,Ning Xichen had to send him out。

Ning Xichen introduced him with“assist”,Gan Yifan doesn’t understand the difference,I just feel that I am valued,But it doesn’t feel good in his ears。
No more words,After knowing each other,Six people began to wear,Ning Xichen also returned to the cabin to do her business。
Gan Yifan didn’t bother them,The machete has not been polished for a while,Dip some water and sharpen the knife。
Sometimes it’s like this,Unintentional actions fall in the eyes of those who care is another matter。
Liu Zhimin is a real person,He was originally in a special operations brigade of the Southeast Military Region,Later, the finger tendons were severely damaged when I was on the task,Although the tendon suture was successful,But it’s hard to return to the previous level,Only then retired and came to Chenxi Medicine。
People with real skills tend to have high spirits,He is also included。
The unpleasant that happened yesterday,He heard his team members report,Before I saw Gan Yifan, I wanted to meet this young man who is suspected of having special abilities.,It is inevitable to be disappointed after seeing it in person,Is tall enough,But too skinny,It is difficult for him to imagine how capable a thin, skinny teenager can be,Inevitably contempt。
Plus Ning Xichen asked him to assist Gan Yifan to protect the safety of the two professors,He didn’t feel happy,I see Gan Yifan sharpening his knife now,He always feels that this boy is demonstrating to him,I feel more unhappy in my heart。
“The wolf belongs to the national second-class protected animal,No special circumstances prohibit hunting,You met wolves after you went to the island,If not life-threatening,Can’t use a dagger,remember。”He is explaining to several security personnel of his subordinates,Louder,Obviously I was talking to Gan Yifan。
He didn’t know that Gan Yifan actually agreed with this view,Gan Yifan doesn’t want these people to hurt the wolves,Besides, he can’t tell that this is alluding to him。
Said nothing。
Into the fog,Gan Yifan took the lead in climbing,Six people followed him,I didn’t think I just came to the mountain,Gan Yifan’s first opinion as a guide was refuted by Liu Zhimin。
Gan Yifan meant to go east,And Liu Zhimin disagrees,He said that the medicinal materials needed for observation grow in the west。
Gan Yifan insists,He said:“Going west is too dangerous,too many people,I can’t keep you safe,There are many herbs on the island,I have seen the medicinal materials you want,Same as east。”