General Will’s face changed a lot,He finally realized that the disaster was imminent。

This weird creature,It’s not something conventional weapons can deal with。
He never thought,Except the Horned Lord of the Flies,There are creatures in the jungle that the army can’t deal with。
This kind of abnormal evolution ability,Let people have no chance to make a targeted attack plan。
Is it really as predicted by the snake king,Haven’t seen the Horned Flies yet,Will the whole army be destroyed??
In crisis,General Will slammed Carlo by the shoulder,Anxiously:“Break through!You take the team and find a way to break through immediately!do not stop,Keep going!We stay and hold the snakes!”
When he said these few words,Carlo was shocked,Because he has seen his death in the eyes of General Will,How can they hold the snakes,This is nothing but sacrifice,Use one live life to buy time for the core team。
The worst case really happened!Carlo’s brain is running at high speed,He has to figure out a way,Solve the problem at hand。
“Mutant!Correct!Those mutants may have a way!”Carlo’s eyes suddenly turned to the mutant team。
From the beginning,He perceives,Among the mutants,Hidden several powerful characters,They should be the head of the gang in the city,Have great strength。
They even have the ability to hide life energy,Let the girl Li’s mental scan not perceive them,But Carlo knows their existence。
Facing the crisis of the destruction of the entire army,I can only hope that these hidden powerful figures will take action。
Chapter six hundred and ninety five mind control
Hear the tragic words of General Will determined to lead the whole army to cover,At this moment, even Lu Menglin couldn’t help but feel lost.,My heart is full of touch。
Although I disagree with the old general,And the facts have indeed proved,The other party is wrong。
With the lives of these ordinary soldiers,And threaten this group of mutant teams,Can’t let the core team rush to the position where the Horned Fly Lord is farther。