“Brother and brother,rest assured,I have nothing。”Eight.Of course the old won’t tell me that I suffered“Beat”,That’s just to worry my brother。

“but,You have internal strength……”Wu Lao stretched out his hand first to check eight.old,But I was surprised to find,There is no internal force fluctuation!
Like a worldly person,Never practiced internal strength。
No internal force,How to perform witchcraft?
Although Lao Ba is not like him,Raising Gu Worm,Don’t worry about backlash,But there is no witchcraft,If I meet those people,What to do?
“This one,Brother,Actually, I was just ordered by that kid。”
“what,Actually know how to?”Wu Lao was surprised,Shouldn’t this kind of thing have long been lost?,How could a young man actually use。
“Yep,It’s true,He not only seals my inner strength,And at that time I ordered my dumb stuff,Very superb。”
Eight.Always said with certainty,At that time he also asked Qin Feng curiously,Did not hear his refusal,This incidates that,Must be a point。
“So to say,”There was a cold light in Wu Lao’s eyes,It was for that ancient book,The two parties fought very hard,right now,But there is someone who can use points!
This is not the secret of mobile?
this person,Of course it must be captured,Interrogate。
I still didn’t want to make things big,but now,but it is……
“He came out,Nothing else on you, right??”Wu Lao asked uneasy,Qin Feng is in his eyes now,Has belonged to the category of strange people,So I have to be careful。
“Should be no,Except point my way,basically,I didn’t see him make a move,and,Watch TV leisurely。”
Eight.Always remembered,in memory,Qin Feng has very little contact with him,What do you want,Seems impossible。