That’s why the two of them didn’t go back to visit their parents for nearly a month.,Thinking of this, Lin Yoona feels that her time planning is unreasonable。

If you plan your time well,This way you can better accompany your loved ones,And be able to do their job well,So in fact, many times people are not so glamorous on the surface。
Maybe many people envy the lives of Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,Worry-free,And can do what you want,Occasionally go out for a trip,Then do something that I think is meaningful。
But in fact they also abandoned a lot of things in the process,There must be gain,The process they get is also the process they give up something。
But this did not make them a pessimistic life,Instead live a more active life,They will do everything possible to improve their lives,But make your life more meaningful。
Instead of just compensation or guilt,Use some ideas that don’t exist to waste your time,At that time, they want to put it into action。
For example, they are now on their way home to visit their parents。Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan talked a lot along the way,I don’t need Xiao Fan to drive this time,Lin Yoona doesn’t have to worry about distracting Xiao Fan。
Then I told Xiao Fan:“You said we will go back this time,Will parents be surprised?,They haven’t seen me for a long time,But calling me also allows me to deal with my work first。
Don’t worry about them,The two of them are fine now,Although I know they two must miss me,But I can’t say much,Because sometimes I don’t want to,。
But I can’t just give up my job,Because in that case, not only is it irresponsible to myself,Also irresponsible for the labor results of the entire company’s employees。
If the company is my own project,In that case, I can leave this project anytime, anywhere,And then go back to be with my parents。
But one reason why I can’t is because it is the result of the labor of many people in the company,I can’t deny the fruits of their labor,Can’t let their efforts be overwhelmed。”
Xiao Fan heard Lin Yuner’s words,I also feel a little empowered,The reason why they can’t choose their own time allocation according to their wishes,It’s because sometimes they do something that includes the efforts of others。
They can’t refuse arbitrarily,Waste other people’s energy,Waste other people’s time,Because other people’s time is also time,Others may also forsake those who accompany them to do these tasks。