As for Qingxu Jianxian?I won’t need his help for a while,As the youngest sword fairy in the entire Winter Palace,Qingxu’s body has more treasures than them。

The monstrous Hunyuan water,Turned into dozens of water dragons,Strangling to Tianxian Chi’er。
Tianxian Chi’er, who revealed his identity, also sneered,Chang Ying tightly surrounds the Qingxu Sword Immortal,And his white hand is like a jade wave,A jade bracelet suspended in the void。
The white shimmer appears on the jade bracelet,Then suddenly broke out and stopped the water of Hunyuan。
“boom~”A flash of sword light,Qingxu sword fairy holding flying sword,A sword broke the flame long tassels open,The eyes are full of hostility,Staring at me‘Chier’,But in a blink of an eye his eyes turned into panic。
A sword,From the abdomen of Tianxian Yuan who controls the spirit of the Azure Dragon!
An invisible force penetrates。
The golden pill in the body of Tianxian surnamed Yuan,Burst out powerful mana,But instantly pierced by this sword。
Heavenly Mana、The soul is integrated into this heavenly golden pill,With the penetration of Jindan,An expression of disbelief appeared on Tianxian’s face。
It’s not the hands of these eleven returning to the virtual world。
But the god who controls the spirit of the white tiger,The hands of the elders who are also the Winter Palace!