I didn’t think of the big snake pill, I also needed my body to use my dirt.。

Empty has not come and walk,Just that suddenly appeared,A deputy argue steel claw is worn in the hand。
“null,You broke out,I help you cover”Spring is rushing out。
Can determine that their goals are yourself,Disequinating,Find a chance to escape again。
But this fear is not so easy.,Quan Wei just used the white eyes,I saw a difficult guy in a moment.。
Spring eyes look at the woods in the distance。
chapter Ten Re-encounter
However, these sounds must be solved first.,Spring does not pocket,Body fast moving。
But these muscles are not paired with him.,Directly back。
Spring will also kill two,Other muslims are around。
“Your opponent is not http://www.xingxingguotongfu.cn me,superior,Cut the little devil behind”Go and talk about it.。
After listening to the words,I’m running in the air.。
“Oops”Spring is shocked。
“null,You run”Spring quickly rushed over。
“Still care about yourself.”When you stop in front of the spring。
Empty retreat quickly,I know that I can’t be so many oppresses.。
So the attack is avoided,Return the woods behind,I should find support at this time.,Otherwise, both people will die here.。
“pocket,I am as good as you think.”Springs’ eyes of the temples, such as knives,Tightly stare at the pocket in front of you。
“I know,Can become a weak strength”I said with a smile.,As if everything is in master。
“Oh,Your opponent came”After watching a spring,It’s flashing。
Spring is not chasing,He has already perceived。
The wind in the hands of the spring,http://www.qhoutdoor.cn Body stand straight,He slowly turned。
“Assist,I didn’t expect you to come.”
Spring is watching the appearance of the appearance in memory.。
Time is really fast.,The new era is already quietly close,Square is a little emotion。
Spring is not too nervous,Big snake pill is impossible to participate in this action,After all, he is still too important.。
Just encountering a pocket,He still can run away,Anti-killing is also possible。
But the Sasuke in front of you is different.,After careful cultivation through the big snake pill,His strength has made great progress。
And there is a curse of the day。
Sasuke,The result is only five five open,What’s more, there is a peeking next to it.。
“hehe,I said that I will look forward to it.,Spring”Sasuke’s mouth。
I am really happy again.,Especially after his strength。
Moonlight photos voted on the long hair to cover his eyes。
“I don’t know,Your strength is not strong”
Sasuke’s head lifted,A pair of red eyes with hook jade reflected in the eyes of the spring。
Spring http://www.tongshuntc.cna shock,It is already there.。
“cut,Really disappointing”Sasuke acknowledge。